Event #214: Sunday, May 8, 2011

The new 'different' duck that was ushered in by the White Merganser

As I described in the last post, a rather unusual duck appeared on the creek on Saturday. The thing about this duck though, is that Bob witnessed its arrival: he watched as it was ushered in by the mysterious white merganser, which is almost a mythological bird to begin with. And then, right after this odd duck arrived, Nuttah, the “whoosh” and the wolves all arrived, as reported by Bob. This occurred out by the creek in the morning. We watched the new duck all weekend, as much as we could, and we were completely undecided as to its significance. Was it merely a cross between a domestic farm-duck and a wild male mallard? Was it a new breed of duck we’d never seen before? Was it here from Nuttah’s era? Was it here because of Nuttah? And if so, why? What were we expected to do with it?

Nuttah has isolated the Mom & Dad duck toward the end of the closet along with the one she uses to represent herself.

Then Sunday night, I went up to bed, and as I laid down I glanced up at the top of my closet for some reason. And as if to affirm that the ‘3-duck scene’ we’d witnessed on the creek over the weekend was related to Nuttah in some way, this is how the ducks on the closet were now arranged. See picture to the left. Prior to this, since February, they’ve been all grouped together in the middle of the closet, and nothing at all has happened to them since then. So what do I read into this? That somehow, Nuttah was behind the whole duck thing on the creek?  But what was that about? And where is the duck now? I’m actually posting this on Tuesday evening, and although our new duck was still there as of Monday morning, by the time Bob got home Monday night, it was gone. And it remains gone. We don’t know what to think. Ducks do come and go… but we’re afraid this one had no ability to fly, but may be wrong about that. Here is a wide shot of all five of them on the top of my closet, the way they were arranged Mother’s Day evening:

Nuttah re-arranges the ducks again to her liking.


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