Event #215: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A new arrangement in the office using Leann's gift-objects

Tonight when I was talking to Bob from work, the first thing he mentioned was how completely out-of-sorts Joe-the-cat was. “Slinking around the outer walls of the bedroom”, was how he described it. That is usually how Joe behaves when he’s been freaked out by a “visit”. So coming home, I didn’t quite know what to expect. My first stop was the office, and to the left of my keyboard on the desk is an arrangement of my character with Nuttah, a couple of hearts and a couple of turtles.

One of the Turtle rings that Leann found for "the cause"

A little explanation is required. I already mentioned the tiny turtle ring that Leann had given us for “the cause”. Here to the right is a thumbnail again of the ring. Leann had also given us a single turtle earring, because she’d lost the other one. And that is the long beaded piece that you see stretched out in front of “me”, with a small turtle at the end of it, and the ring pictured to the right is encircling that earring-turtle. Then lastly, the yellowed heart-shaped celandine leaf is propped up in front of “me” with the rubber band, and the large floral heart-charm is upside down leaning against Nuttah. As I looked around upstairs, I could find nothing else amiss, but Bob was asleep, and I will wait for his morning email to see if maybe there was some further communication. Our duck is still missing. We continue to look out on the creek every day, but no sign of “I-am-a-Duck”, or IMA for short.

This particular post has something unusual about it. I think it is the FIRST time that I’ve actually posted an event on the night that it happened. Which means that I am caught up, finally. I have a feeling that there will be more to add in the morning though, after I hear from Bob.


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