Event #216: Saturday, May 14, 2011

I-M-A-Duck returns after a week away.

Bob was waiting for me to get ready to go out somewhere and was sitting in the sun room reading one of his Maya books. It just so happened that another one had shown up on a chair in the room – not the rocking chair this time, but one of the cushioned chairs. This book is called “Maya Prophecies”, but was not left open to any particular page.

Nuttah has isolated the Mom & Dad duck toward the end of the closet along with the one she uses to represent herself.

Bob said as he sat there,  he also began thinking about how, except for the duck incident of the prior weekend, there really has not been much in the way of contact. And we are not completely sure that the ducks are an ‘event’ necessarily, except for their odd behavior (not being spooked by us), and the fact that the bedroom ducks were rearranged in a group of 3. I’ve included here a picture of them as a reminder.

But then Bob said that at some point as he was musing over this, he felt an impulse, or more or less a ‘tug’ to go outside to the creek. So he got up from his reading, and went out to the deck to go look around. And there in the creek was I-M-A-Duck, swimming around in the company of 2 mallards. He yelled up at the bathroom window to get my attention and when I came to the window, Bob yelled,  “I-m-a-Duck is back!” And sure enough, there she (he) is, back in the creek. So I guess she just mimics the behavior of all of our wild ducks out here – well now she does. When she first ‘arrived’, she seemed very discombobulated. Like she didn’t know what to do, how to eat, where to swim — for hours she just kind of sat there under the bridge, seemingly for safe cover. But now she seems okay, in that she’s behaving like a duck. So perhaps she will be alright. Bob is off fishing right now and left me a note that she was in the creek as of this morning, since it is now Sunday morning, and I just looked and I can spot her downstream on a rock in the center of the creek.

I-m-a-Duck with one of the male mallards she has "befriended"

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