Event #217: Monday evening, May 16, 2011

Tonight, Bob called me at work and told me that he’d been treated to a view of the field where their vegetables had been planted. In her world. Remember the Lenape phrase that Bob picked up back on May 3:  ntàpi hakihe or in English, “I have just come from planting.” And that they did. Bob was taken to see the result:

“She showed me the field. There are already plants coming up; it is a big field, much bigger than I thought.” said Bob.
He continued, “They have corn, but it doesn’t seem to be like our corn.”
“How high is their corn?” I wondered. (Thinking about the local phrase… ‘knee high by the 4th of July’)
“It was maybe 8 inches… 6 to 8 inches I would guess. They had long rows of it.” Bob replied.
“How long were the rows?” I asked, now thinking about the dozen or so seeds I put in our garden of corn, feeling like that was all we had room for.
“About 30 – 40 yards long.” was Bob’s estimate.
“How many rows of crops do they have?” I asked.
“I guess maybe 25 – 30 rows, if I had to guess.” Bob said.
“How do you know it’s corn?” I wondered.
“I think it is… and there are maybe two other things; not sure of what they are. Some sort of vine, like maybe squash. Could be beans. I don’t know — I don’t know what these things look like. They had a lot of clearing to do — there were huge boulders in this field they cleared — big stumps that they had to burn.” Bob explained.
“Where is it?” I asked, talking about the field itself.
“It’s up the hill from here — not directly across the street from us; you’d have to go through some woods that are there, and then maybe out where the road is now. The wolves (tëme) were there, Nuttah, and the ‘whoosh’ all came. They were all at the field.” Bob said.
“Do we have any idea what the ‘Whoosh’ is?” I wondered.
“Don’t know.” Bob replied.
“It’s invisible?” I asked.
“Yeah – to me.” Bob said.
“Did she say anything?” I asked.
“No, she just wanted to show me the work that they did.” Bob replied.
“Did she mention what’s going on with the duck?” I wondered, thinking about I-M-A-Duck.
“No, except that I pick up a definite connection between her and the duck. It’s not just a random duck.” Bob replied. “And it has a connection to you.”
“How did she convey that?” I wondered.
“I don’t know… it’s just a clear connection, you and the duck.” Bob answered.
“Did you see that the ducks moved again?” I asked, speaking of the fabric ducks on top of my closet.
“No. How?” Bob wondered.
“The big one – the Papa duck… it’s moved off to the right, separated from the rest of them.” I described to Bob.
“I thought of that one as IMA.” Bob said. “I think that duck does represent IMA.” Bob continued.
“Oh. I never thought of that” I said. “I always thought of the biggest duck as ‘you’, the medium one as ‘me’, and then the 3 little ones as the children. Did you notice anything else while you were there?” I then asked.
“No, not really. It seems I was taken there just to see the field and the crops.” Bob answered.
“Where do you ‘land’ when you go there?” I suddenly wondered.
“Right at the edge of the creek. Roughly, right where I am standing in ‘our time’, but then at her time — only not in the water, at the edge of the water.” Bob answered.
“And where were you this time, when you ‘left’? I wondered.
“I was right by the garden.” Bob answered. “Right on the pathway by the vegetable garden.”
“And how long were you gone?” I wondered.
“Not long — just minutes, it could have even been seconds.” Bob answered.
“What is your body doing here while you are ‘gone’?” I wondered.
“No idea. Like I said, it may only be a split second. I have no way of knowing how much time this actually takes.” Bob said.
Is it the same time of day as it is here?” I asked.
“Yeah, exactly the same time of day. They’re having a little better weather than we are right now. The wolves were just casually walking around with us. Very weird.”
Here, I am placing the latest picture of our actual garden, the one I spoke of above that has the 12 seeds of corn. The seeds actually went in on the weekend of the 13th-14th, so hopefully there will soon be photos of plants coming up:

Picture 2 of the vegetable garden we put in this year. Those are soaker-hoses snaking through it, and tomatoes coming up along the wall of the out-building.


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