Event #218a: Tuesday night, May 17, 2011

Lenape huts similar to what I picture Bob may have 'seen'.

Bob also described some huts that he observed on his way to the field. He must have been by these on previous visits, but this time it was daylight, and he could see them clearly. He said they were little oval-type ‘houses’; a series of them, apparently individual dwellings. “Almost like a cone, or an inverted cup.” he explained.

“The wolf puppies were there too.” Bob continued. “There is something about wolves – nobody will hurt a wolf.” he explained. “It’s almost like it’s a ‘religious’ thing, they are revered – they don’t kill them. And it isn’t just wolves they feel this way about – there are other things.” Bob said.

“Turkeys?” I wondered, not sure why.

“No… I just ‘got’ this impression of rattlesnakes too, and there are other things that they won’t hurt. I’m thinking rabbit, but that doesn’t make sense, you’d think rabbit would be a staple food. But I did get that impression.”

“What do you think was the occasion for this 2nd visit?” I wondered, since even one visit has been a pretty rare occurrence of late.

“I guess to see more detail of the scene — the fields.” Bob explained. “This time it was very bright there. It was only 7:30 or so, and they’re having a bit sunnier weather than we are right now.” Bob refers here to the week of non-stop rain we’ve had.
He went on to explain, “Her father is from the north of here. ‘Mintzi’, ‘Mitzi’? tribe – a wolf tribe from up north. ”

“You mean like the ‘Minsi’ Trail?” I wondered.

“I guess, now that you say that. At least that’s what it sounded like.” Bob answered.

And I just found this information from a website about the “Munsee” branch of the Lenape:

The three tribes were the Minsi (Munsee/Mahican); which meant “Stone Land or Mountain People“, believed to be the oldest tribe as well as the tribe that stayed pretty much in the mountains of Pennsylvania and New York since about 1000 ad. The Munsee were the primary meat gatherers of the Delaware as farming was very difficult in the mountains rocky soil. The Delaware referred to the Munsee as the  “Wolf Tribe“.  (And maybe why the wolves were revered?)

The article goes on to add that the other two tribes were the “Unami” or “Turtle Tribe” from the area around the Delaware River and the “Unalachticos or Turkey Tribe” from the Jersey shore area.

That was about it for Bob’s observations from his “trip”. Mostly it was about gardening, with some observations as he saw things on the way to the fields. I do hope that this is not a commentary on OUR gardening style. It is, for the most part, an experiment, and our first attempt at growing actual vegetables. We didn’t learn about “Three-Sisters Agriculture” until Nuttah showed Bob the ‘mound’ style of planting that I illustrated in the last post. I do still wonder if it’s too late to experiment with this — can’t hurt to try, I suppose. We do have the soil and the seeds. If I have some time this week, maybe we’ll give it a shot.


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