Events #219-222: May 18 – 20, 2011

Here is an excerpt of an email that Bob sent on the morning of May 18:
Well, what do you think of my hurtin’ drawing? Were you able to at least get the concept of what I was trying to get across?

(Bob refers here to the drawing he did of what he was ‘shown’ in the vegetable fields: the mounded style of gardening)

Bob continues: I think, and this is unclear, as is everything, that one of the animals that is left alone for “religious” reasons are rabbits; I could be wrong, but I remember thinking as the pups ran through the woods that I hope nothing happens to them, that they are mistaken for dangerous predators or something like that. That is when I got the idea of certain animals having spiritual, mystical qualities that protect them from predation by humans. I guess I should have drawn the “huts” that I saw last night in the “dream”, I believe they may be family housing, but then I don’t know what the long houses are for? I guess community gathering, but why two? I guess I could ask.

This arrangement was just to the right of my keyboard

My reply: I thought the “hurtin drawing” was pretty good, I got the idea anyway. I am going to scan it tonight and hopefully get that stuff updated. I have a new arrangement next to me at my desk too.

(I have included a picture of the arrangement to the right. This was next to my keyboard when I came home.)

A new "heart" arrangement appears on the dresser, using Bob's stone and the Daisy Bracelet

Then when I came in on the night of May 19, I wrote this email to Bob: When I came up, Joe was not doing much of anything, sleeping only I think, but there is a new arrangement on the dresser. I will put a picture in the blog maybe tonight… you have a heart pointing at you with your stone inside it and the daisy chain bracelet is stretched out straight across the top of the heart. Interesting new twist. Couldn’t find anything else though.

So to the left, I have placed the picture of what I found: Bob’s “stone” is placed inside a heart-shaped necklace, and the daisy bracelet is stretched out across the top in a straight line this time. I should mention that everything on the dresser, including the turtle, got all messed up and pushed to the side, because I am in the process of the seasonal “wardrobe-change”, where I swap out my winter clothes and bring in the summer stuff. It’s taking longer than I thought.

And then two last things bear mentioning: The ducks on the closet were slightly readjusted again, and Stewie has been reporting something that’s happening to him. He told us that about every other day, his TV remote is in a new place in his room. It’s been a long time since anything happened to remotes, so we find this interesting.


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