Event #223: Thursday, May 26, 2011

I’m having to re-number the “events”, as this in fact is #223, but since I skipped over it back in May (that was Bob’s request), things are now out of order. So I’m dating this event the actual day that it occurred, which was May 26. This might be confusing, but please bear with me as I get caught up and current, then hopefully it will make sense, as much as any of this can make sense.

On May 26, at about 7 pm, Bob wrote me this email:

Well, Dukey, Waffles and I went on a journey tonight. Sitting outside with a brew and puppies and sweating my ass off, suddenly Whoosh and Nuttah arrive in an almost wind and then I am there, at their place. It caught me so completely off guard that I, for a moment couldn’t breathe. Duke and Waffles unphased. The wolf puppies are there. We head immediately upstream to a bend in the creek, it is a still, deep pool. On the edge of the pool/creek  there are 6 men facing the water, nude and covering themselves in mud from the creek and in the middle of some sort of chant. I can see past them and the white merganser is floating in the pool, completely unphased by their presence. Just like the mallards and Ima were with us; oblivious. I don’t know what they were saying and Nuttah got a little irritated when I kept looking around and trying to ask what was going on, I felt EXACTLY like I did as a kid in church when my parents would “shoosh” me. The puppies, all four, went and sat by the men and faced the creek, completely obedient and respectful. I was the clueless one. The men chanted and rubbed creek mud on themselves for a long time, at least 20 minutes, I think. There were 4 older men and 2 younger. I kept feeling Whoosh behind me, Nuttah was holding my arm and rubbing my forearm, but focused on the water. I put my hand on hers and I could tell she was happy I did. I turned to try and see Whoosh because it was a constant presence.  Finally I saw Whoosh. It is the 2 elder gents. They both put their hands on my face when I turned, as if saying, don’t worry, focus on the ceremony. But I can’t understand what the men are saying. I do know we won’t be able to show the merganser to anyone else, nor the mallards we saw. As quickly as it happened we are back, with one BIG exception. Waffles, Duke and I are on the other side of the bridge, about 20 feet from the road. That freaked me out a bit. Made our way back and trying to sort things out. Your thing with ducks has meaning. Meaning beyond this life. Not sure I want this published.  I love you Wup An’na, so does your daughter, Nuttah. She cried when I got the connection between you and the white merganser.

Hearts point at me and our characters

Bob and I talked on the phone after I read this email, and neither of us knew what to make of his “relocation”. That was the first time that happened. It was as if he left from the deck, and he and the pups were returned somewhere else, like there was a slight flaw in the process. Slight. Bob was freaked. “What if she put me back inside a wall, or something?”, he wondered. Or I wondered, “Yeah, how about on a highway, and you don’t have time to move?” The ramifications were pretty perturbing.
Then that night when I came home there was a new arrangement on my desk of Nuttah’s and my character. I took a picture, and have included it here.


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