Non-event, Sunday, May 29, 2011

The vegetable garden is progressing. As a reminder, the garden was started with a strong prompting from Nuttah to Bob that we must become more self-sufficient. And Bob was twice treated to a ‘look’ at how the Lenape plant their fields. Our garden apparently does not follow the guidelines of the classic Lenape garden, but I think that it will work; at least in terms of our small beginnings of learning to “live off the land”. I’ve included here a series of pictures of how quickly growing progress has been made, especially after nearly two weeks straight of rainy days. The sun then emerged, albeit briefly, on Saturday, May 23rd, and in that one day we literally saw beans grow about 2 inches.

A close-up of Peas on the left, Beans on the right, White Irises in bloom along the fence: May 29th

The Vegetable Garden on May 21st - the first row of peas is emerging.

May 23rd: Peas, Beans are just emerging and tomatoes along the back

All seeds planted are now showing at least a seedling, and we have our "Three-Sisters" Plus garden


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