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June 30, 2011

Event #232: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bob wrote this email on Thurs., June 30th, 8:45 am:

I know now why I didn’t see two pups last time I went to see Nuttah and family. The pups have pups! 3 to be exact, at least that is what I saw. They are duppies. Nosing about just upstream of the “village”. They are beyond cute, unbelievable.  Mom pup is extremely attentive. Could only see them by torch light, really soft gray/black puppy fur. I wanted to bring them home (Joe T. Cat replacement)! It was so cool to see them and to see that mom was okay, I had been concerned. I could see the fires burning outside the long houses and I could see silhouettes of several small huts in front of the fires, a very serene feeling looking at the whole scene. It was quieter than even what I have seen in the past, I think because the water was lower and the riffles were softer. Amazing how different it is at our place just regarding noise levels. It was fun, that is the first time I can say that, being at her place. All the other times it was overwhelming. I think because of the pups and knowing mom dup was ok.  DUPS. They were so funny to watch. Crashing about. Anyway, it was all there was to it, Nuttah played with the pups, she is the only one that Mom will let near them, and me I guess, but I don’t know quite how I manifest to them. Btw, Nuttah had her hair up and back, never saw that before and she was wearing different clothing, almost like cloth, but not quite, not much of it either. Maybe plant material? I don’t know. I guess because it was cooler. Never saw anything like it.

Me: Wow, the dups had pups! That is so cool. Also, that you got to go there — how old do you think they are? And where in the camp do they keep all the pups? Were you able to touch them or just observe them? What were you wearing? And what time was this? Were you awake when you came back or was this more like a dream one? I was writing up the latest entry about the flower sprigs last night, but I ran out of steam, so it didn’t get posted. I know I proposed an idea that perhaps I was being ‘trained’, or she hoped to train me in the use of medicinal plants. Knowledge I may have to use at some point. Wonder why the characters moved upstairs.

Bob: I was able to play with them. I was wearing a longish hide cloth type thing, no top. Very tan skin too. The pups do not stay in camp. They have their den somewhere else. No idea where. Dups. Time was around 10 something, I believe. I was awake. Same sort of thing as on the deck, just there I am. I wouldn’t forget about the medicinal thing. Dups. More noses!

June 27, 2011

Update: Monday, June 27, 2011

The 3 regular ducks show up right in the middle of the bed; we were out all evening and came home to this

Wow, how the month of June has flown. I truly do not know what happens to “time”; as soon as a month starts, I turn around and it’s the end of the month already. Does this happen to anyone else? I have a feeling of acceleration, that as we age, time just speeds up, and every day is a second or more shorter. This should be good news to Bob — summer will be over before you know it! (Bob is not a fan of summer, to say the least).

There is much to report. That is another thing — I have run out of time to work on it. I am behind by about 5 posts — 3 of them are events that happened specifically to Bob at the end of May/early June, and I still need his permission to post. One happened after those last 3 flower sprigs appeared, the yellow ones that I did write up. There were then another 3 of a different flower, and although I have the pictures, I haven’t had time to write it all up. And then lastly, we came home Saturday night (6/25) to a change in the bedroom — and this was a ‘first’: the ducks were ON THE BED! I do have a picture to add, which is to the left here, and even though things are out of order, I’ll just take some liberties, and do it now.

The first vegetable from the garden, planted 5/13: a Pea pod

And there is one other thing I would like to add, before I work on updating some of these other posts. This weekend, we actually produced our first vegetable from the garden. This was an exciting moment and we discovered it almost by accident. Considering I am weeding in the vegetable garden daily, you would think I would have noticed this. Saturday, Bob added some twine attached to sticks at each end of the garden to give the peas some support. I went in and wound the pea plants up through the twine so they’d have something to grab onto. The plants themselves are at least about 12-15″ tall, and they are starting to flop over. In this process, I discovered that we actually had pea-pods growing! Okay, maybe this sounds hokey, but it was our first produce from the garden and we were both really excited. I immediately picked it, split it in half and before you could say ‘pea-pod’, we ate it. Then, we found more, but have to let them mature a bit, for a few days.

The cover of the Paper Doll book: Woodlands Indian Girl

And then one last thing. I finally found some new paper dolls. I ordered some cheap ‘Dover publications’ Indian doll books. My plan is to replace the dolls we’ve been using, as it seems that she has more or less abandoned them (and Bob’s character is still missing since January). Every once in awhile, there is a change with my character here in the office, but it’s been pretty rare. So this is something I hope to launch this weekend. The plan is that there will be a Lenape version of each of us, and the current-day version of us, perhaps on the reverse. If I have time, I’ll give her other ‘diorama’ objects to work with. It is always interesting to see how these things get used. I’ll be working the rest of this week on getting the blog current.

June 25, 2011

Event #231: Sometime in late June, 2011

I wish I had recorded the date of this little episode, but Bob was relating it to me as I was at work and I was just jotting notes down on a card, and I forgot to date it. I’m trying with these next few posts to get caught up with some major gaping holes in late June / early July, when I fell down on my duties (at least these duties) and just ran out of time. This is a fairly minor one compared to the others that I will bring together soon.

This happened one early summer night when Bob had a friend visiting, and they were in the process of grabbing a beer to take down to the creek.  Bob was looking for something in another room, and he hears his friend, who I’ll call “Don”, call out from in the kitchen:
“DUDE, who else is HERE?! Somebody just walked by!”, Don exclaimed, sounding alarmed because he’d been under the impression that it was just him and Bob in the house.
“Nobody.” was Bob’s (necessary) response, “You must have just heard the dogs banging around in the basement. ”
“Yeah, but I heard a door open and somebody walked in and walked through”, Don was persisting. What a long night it would be if Bob started telling Don now what was going on, and that was not going to happen, so he just blew it off convincing Don that the dog noises from downstairs sometimes make him think that too. Bob had clearly heard it too though, and didn’t say anything or even register acknowledgement, specifically to see if Don had noticed… and he did. I suppose this is just one of our (mostly Bob’s) experiences with the family we seemingly overlap with in our house. We (as well as Nuttah and her clan) occupy the same geographic space in different time frames. To help explain this phenomenon a little better, I found this part of an interview with physicist Michio Kaku, which helps somewhat explain it to me:

“Nobel Laureate Steve Weinberg compares this to listening to a radio in your living room. You can hear many, many stations on your radio, so you know that there are many invisible radio waves permeating your living room. But your radio is tuned to only one frequency, and it has decohered from all the others. The radio frequency you are hearing no longer interacts with all the other radio frequencies, and you hear only one sound.

Likewise, in your living room are the wave functions of alternate universes. There are the wave functions of dinosaurs, pirates, aliens, exploding stars, etc. in your living room. But you cannot interact with these parallel universes. Your universe no longer vibrates in unison with them, and hence has decoupled from them. (So, perhaps in one universe Elvis is still alive, but you can no longer interact with that universe.)” [the whole interview]

And what the simple ( and very complicated) explanation seems to be is that Nuttah has figured out how to re-couple these parallel universes that were once “decoupled”. To bring at least hers (and possibly by mistake one other) back to vibrating in unison with each other. Just a theory. This could get a little scary.

June 24, 2011

Event #230a: June 24, 2011


I made a discovery about the latest flower sprigs that appeared on June 23rd. I had hoped to find some time to page through my flower books , and  I am going with “Indian Hemp”. It is a member of a family of plants called Dogbane, loosely related to Milkweed. And of course, once I made a positive ID, I then went on the internet to see if I could find Native American uses for the plant. And guess what they used it for? Fiber. Indian Hemp has a fibrous stem that can be cultivated and twisted into fiber: “The tough, fibrous bark of the stalks of Black Indian Hemp was employed by the Indians as a substitute for hemp in making twine, fishing nets, etc.”

The Indian Hemp plant growing in the "wild"; credit ""

I even found a site that described how to do this, an article called “Making Cordage from Natural Fibers“. On a later search, I found an even better one. In fact, using this site, I could go out this fall and actually start making some cord, if I see the plant.  Bob said that the last time he ‘went there’, she was wearing something made of fiber this time, not from buck-skin as she has always been on previous visits. I asked what this fiber was like, “Burlap?”, I wondered. No, it was a finer weave, stated Bob. The question remains though, why leave me a sprig of this plant? The medicinal value of Indian Hemp (Apocynum cannabinum L.) seems to be secondary to its value as a fiber, in fact some sites say that it is poisonous. Uses I could find were to slow the heart rate, stimulate circulation and a diuretic. In large doses it can cause cardiac arrest (a risk to livestock that might chew the plant on the edge of farm-fields).

“It is used to treat congestive heart failure as it contains cardio- active glycosides This herb doesn’t have an edge over digitalis and hence is not advisable to be used by any human.”

June 23, 2011

Event #230: Thursday, June 23, 2011

One of the 3 new unidentified flower sprigs

I like to think that there is a reason for the different flowers that Nuttah has brought to me over the last year. The first flower sprig appeared sometime last summer. Actually, I just looked it up and it was June of last year. They have all been different, and the latest one, that I mentioned in the last post, I have not yet been able to identify. Any help from a flower expert would be appreciated. I’ve had a thought over time that maybe the flowers have some medicinal value to me. This is definitely true of some, as I have discovered in books or online and others, it is not so obvious. But then I had a thought today, that maybe she would want me to learn the medicinal value of the plants — that perhaps at some future date, this will be important knowledge. Or maybe now. Maybe it was something that I did, or was learning, or was good at, as a Lenape woman. I have discovered through some research that the Yellow Sweet-Clover she brought on June 15th had anti-coagulant properties. It was used as a blood thinner, and was actually used in the development of both Warfarin and Coumadin, both used to thin the blood of people prone to stroke.  I do take a baby aspirin every day for this purpose also, as prescribed by my doctor. Connection there?

A closer view

Bob and I spoke on the phone while I was at work June 23rd, and he told me that there was a small flower sprig on the kitchen window. At that time, I thought it might be from an arrangement of different clovers I’d collected that morning (inspired by the appearance of the yellow clover I’d never seen before). But when I got home and saw it, I realized that it was a new one, not from my collection. Here are some email excerpts about this newest flower, this one from the morning of June 24th from Bob:
“Did you look at the flower sprig in the kitchen? I guess it probably just fell from the arrangement. I did,however, wake to Nuttah in the room this morning.  Very briefly, but very clearly. Nothing said, just she was there and gone when I came out of the bathroom.”

One of the 3 new flower sprigs is laid over one of the 3 stones on the lamp-base

And mine back to Bob: “I kind of sensed she was in the room — well, not so much in the room as her presence somewhere, but I guess that’s the same thing. I can’t pick her up in the room though. And I no longer hear the buzz. There were actually 3 of those flower sprigs — a new, unidentified flower. One was where you saw it, there was one in the office in front of our characters, and then one was laid across the stones on my lamp-base. So, again – 3.”
To the right I have placed a picture of the one that appeared on my lamp-base, laid across the left-most stone: the wedge-shaped one used for cleaning skins. I have not yet been able to identify this flower sprig. The date may say June 23rd here in this post, but in actuality as I go to publish, today is now July 1, and I hope to have some time this holiday weekend to look through my flower books and try to get a match. Once I do that, perhaps I can find some medicinal value as well. I have a strong sense, for what that is worth, that there is a connection there that I need to explore.

June 20, 2011

Event #229: Approximately June 20, 2011

Not sure the date of this, so I am estimating about June 20. It was sometime after the “ceremony” that Bob witnessed, on May 26. This is in the form of a phone conversation we had about it.

Bob began with,  “You know that book, ‘The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe’? Where the girl is hiding in the wardrobe and pushing aside all the firs hanging there, and then all of a sudden, she finds herself outside in the woods in the snow?”

“Yeah.” I replied. I’ve actually re-read that book kind of recently for about the 3rd time.

“Well, that’s how this experience was – I was walking up the steps from the basement to the deck, letting out the pups when I first got home, and before I even got to the top step, off I went to another land. All of a sudden, I was at the creek, by the long-house lodge with Duke & Wobbles. And the elders wanted to speak to me, to ask me something.

“And what was it?” I wondered.

“It was about the history, what’s going on, essentially asking if I can handle it? I don’t know… I don’t know what that means, but that’s all they ask. So I said ‘Yes’.”

“And then what?” I wondered.

“Nothing, that was pretty much it. Nuttah was there, Duke, Wobbles, the teme and the elders. And that was it, except for one main thing…” Bob continued.

“This was the second time I didn’t come back to where I left from. I arrive back ‘here’ and I find myself talking to our neighbors. They’re up on the bridge taking the kids for a walk, and I’m down at the creek yelling up to them. And I have no idea where in the conversation it is, what I’ve even said to them at this point. Or IF I’ve even said anything to them, and what on earth we are talking about. It was so disorienting.  But they just kept talking like nothing was wrong, we were apparently talking about that get-together we’ve been thinking about having. She said she’d bring some kind of appetizer.”

“Wow, how do you think you pulled that off? Do you think they noticed anything was amiss?” I wondered.

“Well, wait, it gets better. As I’m standing there, the white merganser comes coasting down the creek, and I watched as it sailed by, and they didn’t even notice it. I’m sure that it means they can’t see it, because it’s such an unusual bird, they would definitely have said something. It just wasn’t there to them.

“So, you’re not being ‘moved’ there by Nuttah, you’re moving yourself there, while you’re not really mentally ‘here’? Cause you don’t remember moving from the basement to the bridge and you ‘return’ finding yourself in conversation with them? Is it as disorienting as it sounds?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Bob replied.

“Well, what about the pups, have you stopped to unconsciously leash them, or are they loose with you?”

“They’re loose, but they’re behaving, they’re staying right with me, not like they would normally do.” Bob replied.

“Was there any message that came through as the merganser coasted by?” I wondered.

“Nope, it was just cruising by, and nobody comments on it”, was Bob’s answer.

This, for Bob, was even odder than the time he just popped back into the woods after the ceremony ‘trip’. Here he found himself in conversation with people, which means that the local version of himself, for lack of any better term, is just continuing to do what he was doing, as if on auto-pilot.

June 18, 2011

June 18th: Garden Update

The garden is doing so well, that it bears a picture update. The one on the left was taken on May 29th. That is less than 3 weeks prior to the one on the right, taken just this past weekend, on Saturday, June 18th. Notice the tomatoes on the left! We have not yet yielded any produce, but I don’t think we’re far away from that. The other 2 rows of plants are peas and beans. You can’t really see the corn at the far end, but it’s about a foot high.

A close-up of Peas on the left, Beans on the right

The garden on June 18 - the tomatoes are as high as the windows

June 16, 2011

Event #228a: Thursday, June 16, 2011

The way the new flower sprigs appeard on the stones on my lamp-base

I would like to add some additional pictures from the 15th — the day the latest flowers appeared. First, this one on the right, is the way the 2 upstairs flower sprigs were laid across the stones on my lamp-base. And then, since the flower was so difficult to get a close-up of (being so small), I scanned it in the scanner, and that picture is below. One thing that I did discover over the weekend, is that there is some sweet clover growing in our yard. It’s actually about as big as a bush — but it’s not yellow — it’s white. I picked a tiny sprig of it, about the size of the ones that were left by Nuttah — and it’s the identical flower, only in white.

A scan of the "Yellow-Sweet-Clover"

This plant is growing right off the wall near the creek, roughly midway between wall and creek. I have not found a version of it in yellow on our property.

And here is an email from Bob the morning of  June 16:
One quick mention, nothing spectacular but we had a “breeze through” last night by Nuttah and ONE PUPPY. I don’t know why only one. I hope nothing happened. Anyway, just wanted to get that in, nothing else occurred. S@#t hitting fan, have to get to it.

And now me responding with the events of the prior evening:

Me: Well, she left flowers! I sat down at my keyboard and found the first sprig, right in the center. A yellow thin stalk flower with a growth pattern similar to black mustard (which is yellow) or goldenrod (which it’s too early for). I don’t think it is either one, but I don’t know what it is. I’m pretty sure that we don’t have any of this growing here in the yard. Lots of tiny, yellow flowers along a stalk. Then when I went upstairs, there were also two of them laid across two of the stones on my lamp-base. I put all the stalks in water, and they sprang back well. I’ll get a picture later on. Wonder what is going on with only one puppy, maybe the other one was asleep.

June 16, 2011

Event #228: Wed. June 15, 2011

One of 3 yellow flower sprigs appears on my keyboard tonight.

I came home tonight around 10:30, and stopped in the office to sit down at my keyboard and check the day’s email, etc. I went to start typing, and immediately noticed there was something on my keyboard — a FLOWER SPRIG! It’s a beautiful yellow sprig, something I am not familiar with — although I am certain that this is not growing in our yard right now. So… is it from HER time?  We do not know, but I am guessing that it is. Later, I went upstairs to change, and checked out the bureau (no changes), and the bedside tables. On mine, I noticed something different with the three stones that I mentioned Monday — there are also two flower sprigs laid over the left two stones.

A match in my wildflower book: Yellow-Sweet-clover

So that makes THREE flower sprigs in total. I have put them all in water to revive them and try to make an ID from one of my flower books tomorrow…

Which I did do: It is now the night of the 16th. I had a chance to look up this flower, and it was not that hard to ID, like some of the others have been. It is called “Yellow Sweet-Clover”. However, I don’t know where this is, and I hope to have a chance tomorrow to look around the yard and see if we have any of this growing here. And by the way, this is another example of something in “threes”. And I forgot one of the main examples of “Threes”:  The Three Sisters: the Corn-Beans-Squash of Three-Sisters Agriculture.

June 14, 2011

Event #227: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We seem to be experiencing an odd array of ‘noises’ in the house of late. From my perspective, it is a good thing they don’t occur in the dark when I’m alone in the house. For so far, they’ve only just alarmed me, not scared me out of my wits. I think I have Nuttah’s assistance in this not happening. Although it is pretty unnerving to be awakened the way I was at 6:50 Monday morning, when it sounded like someone was pounding on the door of the house. And then here is an excerpt of the email that Bob sent me this morning:

“I came down this morning to restart my [boiled] water, as always, but it wouldn’t start until I switched the timer, which is unusual, and as I was doing that I heard someone behind me in the kitchen. Scared me enough to get adrenaline flowing. Seems to be something about that time of morning. Obviously I didn’t see anyone, checked all through the house. It is just so strange, it is so clear and evident, even more than last night, kind of unnerving at times. Whatever is going on it doesn’t appear to be a threat. I wonder if we have the same affect on them?”

By “them”, I am assuming that what Bob means is the other people living in a different time-frame in our house. We seem to overlap sometimes, and I’ve mentioned this on previous occasions.  If you don’t live in an old house, perhaps you have never experienced this. Then again, this might be related to all of our “other events”. No way of knowing, although Bob usually has a pretty good sense of when “they” are involved.

Anyway, I got distracted here, what I really meant to post tonight, since I promised it last night, is the re-emergence of our TURTLE! And without further ado, below is the new “jewelry-turtle” on the dresser. I’m inserting this picture full-size for the full impact. Now, you have to realize, what you are looking at is actually three turtles. First, there is a tiny silver turtle charm. Then there is the wooden turtle that we’ve seen before, that has a lid that lifts up. And then, surrounding those two, notice the shape formed by the green beaded necklace, the 4 earrings, the daisy-bracelet, and lastly, the crab-claws as a tiny tail. The very first time that this ‘jewelry-turtle’ appeared was June 3, 2010, and now it re-emerges on June 13, 2011:

Two turtles within a turtle, a new formation Monday night on the dresser

And here, in the picture to the left, I have done a little Photoshop work on the Turtle shapes, a filter called “Find Edges”. It might be a little clearer looking at them this way. I’m curious about the use of three of them. Because there were three events the night of the 13th: Three turtles, three charms in front of the three ducks, and three rocks on my lamp-base. But the next set of pictures will be in the next post.

The turtles-within-a-turtle and how they relate to other stuff on the bureau