Event #225: Friday, June 3, 2011

3 of my silver charms appear in a column in front of the ducks: A turtle - a fish - and a turtle - the labeling, of course is mine

This either happened the night of June 2 or sometime Friday the 3rd. As we know, the last event was the moving of three of the ducks from the top of my closet to the floor. This happened earlier in the week, the night of the power failure. Then Friday morning, I was up in the bedroom moving around doing this and that. A pile of clothing that I was relocating toppled over and fell in front of the ducks, which still sit where she left them to the left of my closet. It was then that I noticed something else besides the ducks on the floor in front of them.

A close-up of the 3 charms lined up in front of the ducks: Turtle-Fish-Turtle

These things were not there when the ducks originally appeared on the floor, which I know because of the picture that I took earlier. And here, to the right is a picture of what is there now. In front of the 3 ducks are 3 of my silver charms, lined up in a column: a turtle, then a fish-charm, then another turtle. I’m just as confounded by the appearance and meaning of these 3 charms as I am by the 3 ducks.


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