Event #226: Monday, June 6, 2011

About a week or so after his previous visit, on May 26th, Bob was treated to sort of an explanation, after much wondering and speculation on our part. Was it a ceremony? Something that had to do with him? Bob didn’t know what to make of it, and he was there. And what about the disconcerting return of Bob and our pups in a different spot?

Written by Bob, Monday, June 6th, sent 7:35 pm:

The ceremony was in honor of the anniversary of the death of her father. The white merganser is there every year at the anniversary, it is believed to be her Mother, An’na.  Her father was given the honorific name kitchi, post mortem for his courage throughout his life and in his death saving his daughter. His death was a major loss to the community/tribe. He was an excellent hunter and provider.

She is trying to atone for what she believes is her fault and responsibility in the loss by being a great shaman/medicine woman to her tribe. I told her it is not her fault, that she knows any parent would have done the same as her Father did.

She approves of YOUR garden, it makes her happy to see it and gives her comfort for our well being. An’na is doing what she has always done, once again. Thank you. Wanishi. All 5 pups sitting quietly. I did not put you in the wrong place, I returned you to where you were. You moved yourself.


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