Garden update, Wednesday, June 8

The vegetable garden is progressing amazingly fast, considering that in the picture that I took on May 21st, only tiny pea sprouts were showing. Of course that was the same weekend when the sun came out on Saturday, and literally before noon, another row of sprouts popped up. Here, below, is the most recent picture. This weekend, we are probably going to have to give some support to the peas and the tomatoes, which are seen along the wall of the building. At the hour this picture is taken, which is roughly noon, 1/2 of the garden is in the sunlight, and 1/2 is still in shade. What you see there is peas, tomatoes, beans, squash, celery, and corn (and off to the right, a rose-bush and the irises):

The vegetable garden on June 8, everything planted is now flourishing.

We had some left-over soil and some un-used planters (Earth-Boxes), so finished off the planting in containers with some peppers, leeks, herbs and melons:

Gardening in containers (earth-boxes): peppers, melons, herbs


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