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June 13, 2011

Event #228: Monday, June 13, 2011

An excerpt from an email that I wrote this morning to Bob, after I’d had a pretty difficult night of sleep: “I finally fell back to sleep and then shortly before 7, was rudely awakened by something that sounded like pounding on the door. The house door by the driveway. It must have been multiple times because it did finally wake me up and then it dawned on me what I’d been hearing, so I jumped up, tried to look outside and couldn’t see anything, so threw on some clothes and went down but I didn’t see anyone. Went back to sleep but not right away, and now I feel completely wrung out. I thought later it might have been Stupe [one of the dogs] pushing on the basement doors, but it was too rhythmic and regular for that. Just like the sound of someone pounding (pretty hard) on a door, to get your attention. Perhaps it was someone else trying to get my attention. Who knows. I had been trying to reach her earlier.”

I got up later and looked around at all the doors, and found nothing at all amiss. However, when Bob and I spoke later tonight while I was at work, he reported that he’d been coming out of the basement, and clearly felt the presence of both Nuttah and ‘the Whoosh’ kind of sail across the deck, getting the dogs attention as well. Nothing more than just passing by though. But then he said that back in the basement, putting the dogs to bed, he heard footsteps above him walking across the first floor. Very clearly, he reported, it was footsteps, and Bob went upstairs to see if I was home. I reminded Bob of the banging I’d heard that morning, and we thought there might be some connection. It’s kind of curious that these events are not really frightening, although they kind of sound like they would be. If it had been dark when I heard that door pounding, it might have been different. But… here is the kicker. I got home tonight about an hour ago. I always go upstairs to change. And tonight, there are some pretty significant changes in the bedroom. The main one is that we have a turtle again! I wish I could go up right now and take a picture. It is the same turtle, basically, that she made about this time a year ago. In fact, I should look at that, it might have actually been THIS DAY a year ago. And… it is back on the bureau, made out of exactly the same jewelry that she used the first time she made the turtle. And there is something else… the 3 silver charms that were lined up in front of the ducks from last week… now there is one charm in front of each duck. And lastly, there are 3 unusual rocks on my lamp-base. One is roughly heart-shaped, and sits between two other chunky rocks that were not anywhere in the room. In the morning, as it is late and I need to go to bed, I will take pictures of these 3 things. And perhaps Bob will shed some light on any other things that might have happened besides ‘just stuff moving around.’ There are some pretty significant events that I need Bob’s agreement to report that happened roughly between May 26 and June 4.