Something about THREE: Monday, June 13, 2011

What is the significance of Three?
There are Three of us: Bob, me, Nuttah.
There were 3 ducks on the closet that she used to signify “us”.
There are 3 charms in front of the ducks.
There were 3 ducks the day we sat at the creek and marveled at the wild ducks that swam at our feet.
There are 3 rocks on my lamp-base.
There are 3 turtles on the dresser.
That happened on June 13th, a day with a 3 in it.
The same turtle first happened last year on June 3rd.

Three stones appear on my bedside table lamp-base

These are two pictures of the new “threes”. Bob saw the stones  on  my lamp-base on the night of the 14th when he got home from work. We are presuming this to have happened sometime the evening of the 13th. When Bob saw the stone on the left, he commented to me that it is clearly one of “their tools”. The way I would describe this stone, the one on the left, is that it is sort of like a wedge. Imagine an orange segment, but with a harder edge. It’s actually more like the size of a tangerine segment. The other two stones are shaped like hearts, and the one on the right has been used and re-used multiple times throughout the room. The one in the middle I am not sure was even in the room, but it could have been.

Three charms (I've circled in Yellow) in front of the Three Ducks on the floor

“They used wedge-shaped stones just like that for cleaning skins”, Bob said. “I saw that when I went there and I walked through the village with her. This particular stone is not sharp; it’s old and worn, but it’s exactly the shape of what they used, only theirs were sharper. They held two of them in one hand to clean hides. I don’t know how they did that, it was fairly dexterous of them, and they were very fast.”
“Is this something that I did?” I wondered.
“I would assume so, since that’s something that all the women did.” Bob replied.
“So do you think this is an object from HER time?” I wondered, like Bob’s stone that appeared about this time last year also.
“No way of knowing – it could be, I guess.” was Bob’s reply.

I looked it up in the “Time Travel” category, and found that Bob’s visit to the village last year took place on July 26, 2010. We’re coming up on that now. I don’t know the significance of this latest series of events. (or any of it really). I just know that it’s something new, and something else to muse on and try to interpret. But the “three” thing appears to be a pattern of a sort. Has this pattern been present for longer than I have noticed?? “She does nothing that is without meaning”, as Bob has reiterated over the last year.


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