Event #228: Wed. June 15, 2011

One of 3 yellow flower sprigs appears on my keyboard tonight.

I came home tonight around 10:30, and stopped in the office to sit down at my keyboard and check the day’s email, etc. I went to start typing, and immediately noticed there was something on my keyboard — a FLOWER SPRIG! It’s a beautiful yellow sprig, something I am not familiar with — although I am certain that this is not growing in our yard right now. So… is it from HER time?  We do not know, but I am guessing that it is. Later, I went upstairs to change, and checked out the bureau (no changes), and the bedside tables. On mine, I noticed something different with the three stones that I mentioned Monday — there are also two flower sprigs laid over the left two stones.

A match in my wildflower book: Yellow-Sweet-clover

So that makes THREE flower sprigs in total. I have put them all in water to revive them and try to make an ID from one of my flower books tomorrow…

Which I did do: It is now the night of the 16th. I had a chance to look up this flower, and it was not that hard to ID, like some of the others have been. It is called “Yellow Sweet-Clover”. However, I don’t know where this is, and I hope to have a chance tomorrow to look around the yard and see if we have any of this growing here. And by the way, this is another example of something in “threes”. And I forgot one of the main examples of “Threes”:  The Three Sisters: the Corn-Beans-Squash of Three-Sisters Agriculture.


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