Event #228a: Thursday, June 16, 2011

The way the new flower sprigs appeard on the stones on my lamp-base

I would like to add some additional pictures from the 15th — the day the latest flowers appeared. First, this one on the right, is the way the 2 upstairs flower sprigs were laid across the stones on my lamp-base. And then, since the flower was so difficult to get a close-up of (being so small), I scanned it in the scanner, and that picture is below. One thing that I did discover over the weekend, is that there is some sweet clover growing in our yard. It’s actually about as big as a bush — but it’s not yellow — it’s white. I picked a tiny sprig of it, about the size of the ones that were left by Nuttah — and it’s the identical flower, only in white.

A scan of the "Yellow-Sweet-Clover"

This plant is growing right off the wall near the creek, roughly midway between wall and creek. I have not found a version of it in yellow on our property.

And here is an email from Bob the morning of  June 16:
One quick mention, nothing spectacular but we had a “breeze through” last night by Nuttah and ONE PUPPY. I don’t know why only one. I hope nothing happened. Anyway, just wanted to get that in, nothing else occurred. S@#t hitting fan, have to get to it.

And now me responding with the events of the prior evening:

Me: Well, she left flowers! I sat down at my keyboard and found the first sprig, right in the center. A yellow thin stalk flower with a growth pattern similar to black mustard (which is yellow) or goldenrod (which it’s too early for). I don’t think it is either one, but I don’t know what it is. I’m pretty sure that we don’t have any of this growing here in the yard. Lots of tiny, yellow flowers along a stalk. Then when I went upstairs, there were also two of them laid across two of the stones on my lamp-base. I put all the stalks in water, and they sprang back well. I’ll get a picture later on. Wonder what is going on with only one puppy, maybe the other one was asleep.


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