Event #230: Thursday, June 23, 2011

One of the 3 new unidentified flower sprigs

I like to think that there is a reason for the different flowers that Nuttah has brought to me over the last year. The first flower sprig appeared sometime last summer. Actually, I just looked it up and it was June of last year. They have all been different, and the latest one, that I mentioned in the last post, I have not yet been able to identify. Any help from a flower expert would be appreciated. I’ve had a thought over time that maybe the flowers have some medicinal value to me. This is definitely true of some, as I have discovered in books or online and others, it is not so obvious. But then I had a thought today, that maybe she would want me to learn the medicinal value of the plants — that perhaps at some future date, this will be important knowledge. Or maybe now. Maybe it was something that I did, or was learning, or was good at, as a Lenape woman. I have discovered through some research that the Yellow Sweet-Clover she brought on June 15th had anti-coagulant properties. It was used as a blood thinner, and was actually used in the development of both Warfarin and Coumadin, both used to thin the blood of people prone to stroke.  I do take a baby aspirin every day for this purpose also, as prescribed by my doctor. Connection there?

A closer view

Bob and I spoke on the phone while I was at work June 23rd, and he told me that there was a small flower sprig on the kitchen window. At that time, I thought it might be from an arrangement of different clovers I’d collected that morning (inspired by the appearance of the yellow clover I’d never seen before). But when I got home and saw it, I realized that it was a new one, not from my collection. Here are some email excerpts about this newest flower, this one from the morning of June 24th from Bob:
“Did you look at the flower sprig in the kitchen? I guess it probably just fell from the arrangement. I did,however, wake to Nuttah in the room this morning.  Very briefly, but very clearly. Nothing said, just she was there and gone when I came out of the bathroom.”

One of the 3 new flower sprigs is laid over one of the 3 stones on the lamp-base

And mine back to Bob: “I kind of sensed she was in the room — well, not so much in the room as her presence somewhere, but I guess that’s the same thing. I can’t pick her up in the room though. And I no longer hear the buzz. There were actually 3 of those flower sprigs — a new, unidentified flower. One was where you saw it, there was one in the office in front of our characters, and then one was laid across the stones on my lamp-base. So, again – 3.”
To the right I have placed a picture of the one that appeared on my lamp-base, laid across the left-most stone: the wedge-shaped one used for cleaning skins. I have not yet been able to identify this flower sprig. The date may say June 23rd here in this post, but in actuality as I go to publish, today is now July 1, and I hope to have some time this holiday weekend to look through my flower books and try to get a match. Once I do that, perhaps I can find some medicinal value as well. I have a strong sense, for what that is worth, that there is a connection there that I need to explore.


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