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June 25, 2011

Event #231: Sometime in late June, 2011

I wish I had recorded the date of this little episode, but Bob was relating it to me as I was at work and I was just jotting notes down on a card, and I forgot to date it. I’m trying with these next few posts to get caught up with some major gaping holes in late June / early July, when I fell down on my duties (at least these duties) and just ran out of time. This is a fairly minor one compared to the others that I will bring together soon.

This happened one early summer night when Bob had a friend visiting, and they were in the process of grabbing a beer to take down to the creek.  Bob was looking for something in another room, and he hears his friend, who I’ll call “Don”, call out from in the kitchen:
“DUDE, who else is HERE?! Somebody just walked by!”, Don exclaimed, sounding alarmed because he’d been under the impression that it was just him and Bob in the house.
“Nobody.” was Bob’s (necessary) response, “You must have just heard the dogs banging around in the basement. ”
“Yeah, but I heard a door open and somebody walked in and walked through”, Don was persisting. What a long night it would be if Bob started telling Don now what was going on, and that was not going to happen, so he just blew it off convincing Don that the dog noises from downstairs sometimes make him think that too. Bob had clearly heard it too though, and didn’t say anything or even register acknowledgement, specifically to see if Don had noticed… and he did. I suppose this is just one of our (mostly Bob’s) experiences with the family we seemingly overlap with in our house. We (as well as Nuttah and her clan) occupy the same geographic space in different time frames. To help explain this phenomenon a little better, I found this part of an interview with physicist Michio Kaku, which helps somewhat explain it to me:

“Nobel Laureate Steve Weinberg compares this to listening to a radio in your living room. You can hear many, many stations on your radio, so you know that there are many invisible radio waves permeating your living room. But your radio is tuned to only one frequency, and it has decohered from all the others. The radio frequency you are hearing no longer interacts with all the other radio frequencies, and you hear only one sound.

Likewise, in your living room are the wave functions of alternate universes. There are the wave functions of dinosaurs, pirates, aliens, exploding stars, etc. in your living room. But you cannot interact with these parallel universes. Your universe no longer vibrates in unison with them, and hence has decoupled from them. (So, perhaps in one universe Elvis is still alive, but you can no longer interact with that universe.)” [the whole interview]

And what the simple ( and very complicated) explanation seems to be is that Nuttah has figured out how to re-couple these parallel universes that were once “decoupled”. To bring at least hers (and possibly by mistake one other) back to vibrating in unison with each other. Just a theory. This could get a little scary.