Event #232: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bob wrote this email on Thurs., June 30th, 8:45 am:

I know now why I didn’t see two pups last time I went to see Nuttah and family. The pups have pups! 3 to be exact, at least that is what I saw. They are duppies. Nosing about just upstream of the “village”. They are beyond cute, unbelievable.  Mom pup is extremely attentive. Could only see them by torch light, really soft gray/black puppy fur. I wanted to bring them home (Joe T. Cat replacement)! It was so cool to see them and to see that mom was okay, I had been concerned. I could see the fires burning outside the long houses and I could see silhouettes of several small huts in front of the fires, a very serene feeling looking at the whole scene. It was quieter than even what I have seen in the past, I think because the water was lower and the riffles were softer. Amazing how different it is at our place just regarding noise levels. It was fun, that is the first time I can say that, being at her place. All the other times it was overwhelming. I think because of the pups and knowing mom dup was ok.  DUPS. They were so funny to watch. Crashing about. Anyway, it was all there was to it, Nuttah played with the pups, she is the only one that Mom will let near them, and me I guess, but I don’t know quite how I manifest to them. Btw, Nuttah had her hair up and back, never saw that before and she was wearing different clothing, almost like cloth, but not quite, not much of it either. Maybe plant material? I don’t know. I guess because it was cooler. Never saw anything like it.

Me: Wow, the dups had pups! That is so cool. Also, that you got to go there — how old do you think they are? And where in the camp do they keep all the pups? Were you able to touch them or just observe them? What were you wearing? And what time was this? Were you awake when you came back or was this more like a dream one? I was writing up the latest entry about the flower sprigs last night, but I ran out of steam, so it didn’t get posted. I know I proposed an idea that perhaps I was being ‘trained’, or she hoped to train me in the use of medicinal plants. Knowledge I may have to use at some point. Wonder why the characters moved upstairs.

Bob: I was able to play with them. I was wearing a longish hide cloth type thing, no top. Very tan skin too. The pups do not stay in camp. They have their den somewhere else. No idea where. Dups. Time was around 10 something, I believe. I was awake. Same sort of thing as on the deck, just there I am. I wouldn’t forget about the medicinal thing. Dups. More noses!


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