Event #233: Tuesday night, July 5, 2011

The picture from May 18th

Bob told me that Joe didn’t immediately come out when he came up to go to bed. It took him awhile, like he was hiding, but Bob also said that he found nothing out of ordinary. I came home a couple hours after this discussion, and looked around upstairs for any changes. There was only one: Bob’s special stone, that has been on the dresser since May 18th (inside the heart necklace), is now on Bob’s clock-radio. I could find nothing else. No idea what the meaning is. Tomorrow morning, I will take a picture of where it is now, on the radio. On a side note, our wonderful ceiling fan, that we’ve used consistently since we moved here 10 years ago (and was installed by former owners) is on the fritz, it sounds like. It’s making a rhythmic clicking noise that it never made before. Drat, cause it’s a good fan.


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