Event #234: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bob wrote this email on July 6th, 7:20 pm:

Their fields are WAY ahead of our stupey garden. Corn is at least 4 maybe 5 feet tall. Beans are wrapped around almost to top of corn. Squash is much larger, all around the plants. DUPS have GROWN. Almost Waffle size! Great noses! Got to play with them again by the field. Got humiliated by “asking to have a puppy”. I guess I should have known this. They are not “pets”, it is insulting to think you can possess them. They are revered, I should feel honored and I (her Father) did feel honored that THEY chose him to befriend. I tried to explain that I do feel that way, I do actually. They don’t understand that our Dups are pets, they see them as having chosen us, not the other way around, the Whoosh brothers explained this.

One of the long houses is being rebuilt, just saw that in passing on way to field, sweat lodge has been redone too. You need to find out more about all the plants that have been left, they MAY be needed. Same with our stupey garden.
I was asked “to stay with us” again, first time in awhile. I said, maybe in time and only if Nuttah can get An’na here too. I got a very frustrated response, but very clear, Nkwhechi or ey, that is phonetic, but it is something like I’m trying or I try, I remember that word, which is unusual, but there was so much passion and emotion in her when she said it, it imprinted on me. She is extremely frustrated. If it ever happens you may not come back. I shouldn’t say that, might make you more resistant, but that is just me thinking that if Nuttah is ever able to get you tuned in she may just, out of desperation, keep you there. Not her thought, mine. History class may start again, we’ll see, that is my call. They are playing on my pride (they don’t know I have none). Geez, I just reread this, something I don’t normally do, do you think I’m fucking nuts?!
That was it, gone in a whoosh. Back in a flash, at least I’m still on the deck.

I later looked up the word that Bob had heard, that he said he was spelling phonetically, but he got it really close. It is “nkwëchi”, and means “I try”. [Hear it].


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