Event #234a: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Then after Bob’s travel event of the evening, I made these notes from a phone conversation we had about it afterwards. We had both wondered if it might be possible for Bob to bring a wolf puppy here, and he had somehow imparted this question to Nuttah:

“It was very humiliating. They seemed to react like I was asking for a pet ‘human’, or worse. That was clear from everybody involved.” Bob stated dejectedly.

“Oh. I guess that was an improper question. Why does she ignore Stupey [our one female dog]? She never gets to go, and she always brings the other 2.” I asked Bob.

Does Stupey not look like a DOG?

“I don’t know if they know she’s a dog!” was Bob’s humorous response. Stupey is the least ‘wolf-like’ of the three dogs we have. Her ears hang instead of standing up, her hair is short, she’s brown, and her build is more like a… well, not a dog. Of course many of our breeds today don’t look like wolves, and maybe they DON’T know that Stupe is a dog!

“Oh, and there it’s the same year as our year” Bob stated. “There were no incursions by Europeans. Things did not develop in this ‘parallel universe’ the way things did here [in ours].” Bob continued.

“You mean in their time-line they [the Europeans] never came?” I wondered.

“No. There are probably many outcomes that are being played out, not just theirs and ours. And it’s the same year as our year here. They are in the present. But whatever time it is really is irrelevant.” Bob tried to explain.

” The sound is different too, everything is so clear sounding. And I have clear vision too; I don’t have the same vision problems that I have when I am here.” Bob continued.

“And regarding the plants, Nuttah says: ‘tell An’na to pay attention, give more attention to all of it – all the medicinal plants. Learn what you can’, she says.” Bob told me.

On Monday, July 4th, Bob walked out to our shed, and he told me later that he had a sense of walking through something and had this concept of everyone standing around looking at the long-house, like I was ‘walking into a scene’.


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