Event #235: July 17, 2011

The downstairs 1/2 of the flower sprig with a feather placed on it.

Sunday, I went on my morning jog with Wobbles and since it was so hot, I took Wobbles down to the river for a swim and a drink when we were done. I found some flowers growing on the shoreline that I’d never seen before, and I was curious, so I brought a sprig of them back with me to ID it. I didn’t get to it right away, but my intent was to drop one piece of the sprig off in front of Nuttah, and use the other to ID the plant. Finally, I got upstairs and left a piece of it at her feet (the feet of her character, in actuality). I had left the other half of the sample downstairs on the kitchen counter in front of my wildflower books. When I got back downstairs, I went to pick up my 1/2 of the sample, and I noticed something else — there was now a small grey feather laying across a leaf of my flower sprig. Now I know that this did not come with it from the river —  in my pocket, into the house, being split in 1/2, running one upstairs… it was definitely not with the sprig when I initially pulled it off the plant. I pointed this out to Bob, and he agreed; she must have stopped in to acknowledge the “gift”.


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