Event #236: Tuesday evening, July 19, 2011

Until tonight, it has been awhile since there has been any “activity”. I’m in the process of filling in the “holes” in late May and early June, so if you are a regular visitor to the blog, please make sure to scroll back and check up on those updates, as they will be dated the days that they occurred (and might not appear at the ‘top of the blog’ if you know what I mean). There were a number of events that Bob had to cogitate on before I could post them. But then tonight, I spoke to Bob on the phone from work, and he told me that he’d been sitting outside having a beer with our friend and neighbor, Dan. He related that while they sat, there was a “fly-through”.
“Did Dan notice it?” I wondered.
“Well, I wasn’t sure, I purposely didn’t say anything to see if he would notice, and I guess he didn’t.” Bob said.
“Huh.” I said. “And what else, did anything else happen?” I wondered.
Bob said that was it. But as I’m driving home, I thought maybe — just maybe — there might be a change somewhere in the ‘objects’. And I was right. I went upstairs to change, and I noticed that on the dresser, there were now 2 hearts pointing at Nuttah’s and my own character. The thing about these hearts though, is that they were downstairs in my office, in kind of a messy pile of paper clips, matches, odds and ends and such… and she filtered them out and brought them upstairs. Another heart from downstairs is on the back of the Father duck, which still sits on the floor because I never put them back on the closet. And then lastly, Bob’s stone, which has been on his clock radio since the last change, now is on the back of the turtle. So, a number of curious changes. Dan will have to let us know if he did in fact sense something. And I will add a picture to this entry tomorrow night to illustrate these movements. I always have to wonder what ‘sparks’ these changes.

Here are the pictures from last night:

The changes on the dresser with the characters and the turtles and hearts

Turns out the heart was on the back of the mother duck, not the father duck


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