Event #237: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bob’s email this morning:
I meant to ask you, did you hear any of Coast to Coast last night?
Physicist on that added some relevance and feasibility to what we have going on, plus gave credence to the way I have been thinking for awhile now. This “universe” is actually looking more and more (quite a few top MIT physicists have written papers to this effect) like a quantum computer. The reason things aren’t “smooth” on the quantum level is that there is a finite memory to the universe, however huge the memory actually is. Something like looking at a computer or TV screen, looks smooth from a distance but the closer you look the rougher it is. Apparently, everything in the universe it turns out can be explained in terms of a quantum simulation. This is looking like it is just one of many. Like the big bang produced infinite numbers of simulations as though they are pages in a book, all going on simultaneously and on top of and next to each other. Ever since my creek incidents from years ago when it became startlingly clear that this was not real at all, and I remember that clearly still, the obviousness of it, just not the understanding, which I had clearly for those few brief seconds. I have had this strong, clear, nagging sense, this is not at all what we think. But then I think, what’s the difference, I still have to live in it. Anyway, back to it. Real or not.

And then my email back to Bob:
I’m waking up late because I was up most of the night. Not because I wasn’t tired, but because I had an incident, while I was just first falling asleep. It comes across in the form of a dream, but in this case it was terrifying, and when my conscious brain slowly kicked in and I realized what was happening, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I am certain that she was tugging at me. I was on my way, and I was sailing through — well, for lack of any better explanation, through our ‘room’ but it didn’t seem like it. I was clawing and grasping onto anything though that I could, including you sleeping in the bed at one point, and right then I think is when my conscious brain kicked in and I woke up. It was a fairly violent escapade, that’s all I can say. Then when I couldn’t sleep after that (was almost afraid to), I was listening to the C2C that you are talking about — I couldn’t hear all of it well, but I was getting the gist of it. When I was hearing it, I was kind of thinking to myself, yeah, well this is all just theory on your part, you should see it in action. Some of what I heard was lending credibility to how I’ve begun to try to conceive that this can be happening.

And Bob’s to me: I know exactly what you mean. I was absolutely sure I was dead the first time. I’m sorry I didn’t wake up to help you, for what it would have been worth, I at least know what it is about. Nothing quite like shear terror is there. Don’t know what else to say about it, except there is no more terror for me, not even the tunnel, just here, and then there. I wish you could see what I see, minus the fear, I would LOVE to go there together, but then, there is a good chance we might not come back.

Mine back to Bob: I know, I kept thinking about that, how you can just ‘flit’ there and back, no issues at all, don’t even really feel like you’re going. Don’t know what has to happen there first… but it hasn’t yet happened to ME obviously.

And now me just narrating: I think that I precipitated the incident that I had while sleeping.  I had posted the blog entry of last night about the changes on the dresser and in the room, and by the time I got upstairs to get ready for bed, I was having doubts about all of it. The whole thing. All the year and a half of ‘events’. I was thinking how bizarre it must all sound, and how some, if I told them, would seriously question Bob’s and my sanity. It was kind of overwhelming me, and I decided to just put it all out of my mind, and not think about it for awhile. And then, as I’m falling asleep, she appears to try to ‘take me there’. I don’t think that this is a coincidence. I woke up from the incident saying outloud: “OKAY, I BELIEVE! I believe it, I do, I believe all of it, I will NEVER question it again!” Being terrified didn’t hurt.


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