Event #238a: July 28, 2011 (2nd Post)

Tiny claws & half a bird eggshell found perched on the wall

Wow, this is so kind of weird that I had to post it. I went back in previous posts to see what day it was that the crawfish claws first appeared, because I knew it was last summer. And to the left is the picture I used when I first mentioned them in a post. And in the post I just made on July 28 of this year, the crawfish claws were used again, and the date they appeared last year? July 28, 2010. Below is the picture again.

Tiny crawfish claws shaped like a "heart"

This may be a bit of a stretch, but there might be some significance to them on this particular date, since it has now happened twice. The claws have to do with a constellation, as Bob has told me. So there must be a connection to the summer sky on that date. I think I need to correct myself and call them Crayfish, not crawfish. I apologize for not knowing the difference.


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