Sunday, July 31, 2011: Lenape Village Tour

The Village Totem

On a very, VERY hot July day, I urged Bob to accompany me to an outdoor event. It so happens that there is an actual reproduction of a Lenape Village that holds open houses and tours. Not totally authentic, they will fully admit, but a reproduction as best they can do so it will last, and not fall victim (hopefully) to both vandals and the environment. We’ve read about it, but had never been to it before, as it is somewhat of a distance. But the topic today, as they always focus on something specific on their Sunday tour, was “Medicinal Plants”, so I thought it was right up my (or An’na’s) alley. And so off we went. The tour was the first part of it, and they took us around the village to see different aspects of Lenape life. I will introduce this tour in the form of the pictures that I took, because with their captions, it should be more or less self-explanatory. Notice that the totem has a turtle at the top!

At the very least, even though it was a rather cursory intro, Bob and I have both been inspired to attend again. We may go for another topic in the early fall, when things cool down a bit.

[Note: I have inserted a web-coded ‘table’ for the first time into one of these posts, to try to display the pictures better, so I do hope that it works for every browser, otherwise, these pictures are going to spewing all over the place and I apologize in advance if that is the case with your browser]

Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge would have been made with skins, but they used canvas in this reproduction

Birthing Hut

Village Birthing Hut

small snake

A very small garter snake, 4 days old is the estimate

Girl Grinding Corn

A young volunteer girl demonstrates making corn meal

Chris (Che) Egnoto gave the introduction to the medicinal plants talk, and there were many examples right in the village and surrounding the village of the plants that he spoke of. The instructor mentioned a couple of books to research plants further, which Bob thinks it is a good idea if I pursue. Some of the plants mentioned were those that Nuttah has left for me, such as the Indian Hemp.

Chris Egnoto

Chris (Che) gives an intro to medicinal plants on the tour. Photo is courtesy

inside the Longhouse

A view from inside the Village Longhouse


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