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August 26, 2011

Event #245: Friday, August 26, 2011

It had been such a crazy weekend that I don’t know now if this happened Friday or Saturday. I took the pictures Saturday, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen Friday. Those 2 days were all about preparing for a flood. We had no idea what Hurricane Irene was going to dish out, so we did the best we could. I spent one of the days lifting everything in the basement (which was a lot) up to a height of about 3 ft. or better. Saturday, Bob was home too, so between the two of us, we cleared off the deck (no small task given all those PLANTS), started to get things prepared in our lowest 2 rooms, and got the office, shed, driveway, cars, boats, bikes, and porches ready. If Irene hit like Ivan had in 2004, we were going to be prepared. It was a lot of work, and we were both exhausted. But sometime Fri. or Sat., Nuttah delivered flowers. I came up to the bedroom, and I saw a little array of yellow buds on my lamp base. And then a little later, Bob discovered that he had a sprig of them too. Over the weekend, placed in water, they did pop open, and I was able to ID them. They are the Evening Primrose that she also left us about this time last year too. Evening Primrose is a beautiful yellow flower with four heart-shaped petals. I’ve inserted one of my file pictures to the left. It occurred to me just at this moment as I’m writing this, that the last time we had high water, she left us flowers that day too. I have to go back in time and check that. Below are pictures of the flowers she brought, the top one is on my lamp-base, the bottom picture on Bob’s lamp-base:

2 small sprigs of "Evening Primrose" are arranged on the base of my lamp. The stones are from a previous visit

Another sprig of primrose on Bob's lamp-base. Bob's special 'stone' sits on his clock radio

August 25, 2011

Thursday Night, August 25, 2011

I hope that this weekend is not one of those that goes down into permanent history because of a lady named… “IRENE”. A lady hurricane to be exact, and look at the freakin’ size of this thing. I copied these pictures from the WFMZ web site; they are on the opening page, of course. That’s the little tip of Florida Irene is skirting there to the left, as she aims her sites for the Mid-Atlantic where I believe that she may wreak complete havoc. If there is no posting for awhile, it could mean a couple of things. We have no power. We got slammed, and all my energy and attention is being put toward clean-up. Or both of those. Let us all hope that this is not the case, it could be mayhem for everybody on the east coast. Please, Irene, take a big swing to the right, and spare all of us. If the course does not change, this is all slated to happen Saturday into Sunday: a good 24 hours or more of rain.

The path of Irene: the graphic is labeled "BIG RAIN PRODUCER"``

The projected severtiy of Irene: We fall into the "Major Flooding" category

August 24, 2011

Event #243 & 244: August 22 – 24, 2011

Monday August 22, Bob writes me this email:
Did you happen to hear the LOUD electrical crackle followed by 3 sharp, loud knocks at 3:32 this morning? Early morning fly through.

Mine back to Bob: No, I didn’t hear any of that. Luckily it was at that hour and not earlier, for you. I went to bed super tired though, must have been sleeping pretty soundly, although I do remember hearing you pull out. What happens in an early morning fly-through? Just that?

The arrangement from 8/17 is slightly different tonight

Then on Tuesday, August 23, I write Bob this email:
She was there last night, the bureau arrangement is different, did you have any sense of that? It was before I got home, so I guess she could have visited during the day. Also, the stone is back on your radio.

So, taking note of the picture to the left, in this arrangement, Bob’s stone was taken out and moved to his clock-radio, the hearts are in a different position, and the green necklace wolf-head-shape is slightly different. Below, I’ve included the picture from 8/17 to see the changes.

Characters on the Bureau

Hearts, a wolf head, claws, and 2 new flower sprigs with the characters of Kate, Nuttah & myself

Then Bob writes on August 24: I think we should give Nuttah and her husband something for their wedding. I don’t know what. I was trying to think of something, flowers is all that comes to mind, maybe a toaster.

And mine to Bob: Yes, I was having the same thought about a wedding present, don’t know what to give either. I could collect some flowers, how about one of our squashes or home-grown veggies?

After this email conversation, I tried to do a little research into both Lenape wedding ceremonies and Native American wedding ceremonies. I was pretty unsuccessful. I could find nothing that proved a connection between the ragweed in her hair and a wedding ceremony, except for that part I already posted about ragweed being part of a family of plants that are related somehow to immortality. In my research, the only possible wedding present that I could come up with is perhaps a gift of maize (corn), which come with wishes for fertility. I think I’ll just collect some wildflowers from the yard and we’ll present that.  Our corn crop this year was pretty dismal. We had success with tomatoes, squash, peas and beans, but the corn was a dismal failure. Good thing we were not depending on that.

August 21, 2011

Event #242a: Sunday, August 21, 2011

The next morning, Bob got up before me and went off fishing at a nearby lake. When he returned, Bob asked me a short time later if he had mentioned anything specific about the wedding ceremony. “What do you mean?”, I asked.
“Well, did I tell you about the music, and the dancing?”
“No, I don’t remember anything about music and dancing”. I answered.
“How about the other couples, the Turtle and Wolf clan members that were being married, the others besides Nuttah?” Bob asked.
“No, none of that.” I said.
“Are you sure?” Bob wondered.
“Yeah, I would remember that, besides, it’s all in the emails you sent me about her marriage, all you said was that you saw the young men, you saw her groom, and she was wearing these flowers in her hair. That was it, I wrote that up in a post, and that’s all there was.” I answered.
“Well, then I don’t know when I had this ‘vision’.” Bob said. “Or if I went there — but I saw a ceremony, a dancing ceremony, and it was clear that it was related to the marriages.” Bob continued.
“What do you mean, ‘marriages’?” I wondered. “I thought only Nuttah got married.”
“No, there were several couples. They came from the Turtle and the Wolf clans. About five couples got married. I saw that, and then last night, I saw the end-ceremony; the other clans were going home and they were having a big ceremony to celebrate the marriages.” Bob said.
“So this was last night?” I wondered.
“I guess so… ” Bob responded. “I mean, I know something happened last night, and I know I have a clear memory of this dancing ceremony, and the music, and the people… but I’m not clear on when I saw it. But if you’re sure that I didn’t mention it when I first told you that I knew she got married, then it had to have been last night.” Bob said.
“So is that where you went when it seemed pretty clear you were ‘gone’ last night?” I wondered.
“It must have been. I know something happened… I know I felt I ‘left’. I mean, the more I think about it, the more I remember. As I talk about it, I remember more… like I went right down a chute, right through the chair I was sitting on, on the porch, like I went ‘down the rabbit hole’.” Bob continued. “I just left the program.”
“Well, how come last night, when I asked you that, you didn’t remember it then, how come you said ‘I went somewhere’, but it’s not where you think?” I asked.
“I don’t know… I didn’t remember it last night. It’s coming back to me today. I clearly remember now seeing a ceremony, dancing, music; I can hear the instruments. It was drums, rattles, and maybe some kind of flute in the background, but it was weird, the sound was different, in that the flute didn’t really jive with the other sounds that were going on, like they were independent of each other. There were a lot of people, and there was a fire, and they were dancing around it.” Bob said.
“How many people?” I wondered.
“I don’t know, lots, maybe 100 or more.” was Bob’s answer.
“100 or more??” I asked incredulously.
“Yeah, there were a lot. More than I’ve ever seen there before.” Bob answered.

Then, Bob supplied a drawing of the scene. This was actually later that same day during dinner and the drawing is below. The writing is mine. The way Bob explained this, is that the central part of that circle is a fire. Around the fire, about 100 or so people are dancing. Towards the center, the younger people are dancing, the children. One half of the circle are the members of the Wolf clan, I’ve written there on the left upper side: “WOLF”. The other half were the members of the Turtle clan, and I wrote there: “TURTLE”. Nuttah and her new husband are indicated to the left; the newly married couples danced in the middle, between the two Lenape clans. I’ve labeled the 2 Longhouses at the top, and Bob described on the outer edges these individual huts, which are represented with those circles, to the right and left of the inner-dancing circle. So this is what Bob must have been witnessing when he appeared to ‘leave the program’, spilled his coffee, eyes moving as if watching something, hand pointing as if seeing something… curious that he did not immediately remember, but that’s just part of the whole mystery of this entire thing.

Bob draws up the "Closing Ceremony"

August 20, 2011

Event #242: Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday evening, Bob and I were sitting outside on the porch having an after dinner coffee and tea. It was fairly late, we had eaten out, and were just relaxing on the porch. I’m chattering on about something, and since I notice Bob is not responding, I glance over at him, and he seems to be way off in space. Then, I hear liquid dripping onto the floor, and at first I’m confused;  where is that coming from? Bob’s coffee mug is still in his hands, but he’s let it turn over, and all the coffee is spilling out onto his pants and the floor. He’s drinking out of a travel mug, so it drips out slower than if it was an open cup. Then the mug hits the floor, and I lean over to pick it up, saying, “Do you know you spilled your coffee?” But Bob is not even there. I mean he is sitting there, but he is clearly GONE somewhere. His eyes are darting back and forth like he’s looking at something, he is totally withdrawn ‘into’ himself, and his right hand seems to be ‘pointing’ at something, kind of fixed in a pointed ‘claw’. I really felt as if I was watching him while he was “there”. Not here, but on a “trip” to her world. I don’t think he heard anything I said, and I think it was going on even before the coffee pitched out of his hands. I marvel that he is not aware of having done this, and I’m thinking “What is going on with Bob? Is he in trouble? Is this a medical emergency?” Bob is clearly inaccessible. I have some momentary fear that he is just ‘gone’, and I’m saying something to him and shaking his arm:  “Where are you?!”, or some such thing, he seems oblivious to me. But then, just as suddenly he comes back, after less than a minute, but seeming very disoriented, shaking his head, and wondering how his coffee spilled. I told him, and asked him if he ‘went there’. He answered, “I went somewhere, but it was not what you think.” I’m sure he knew what I thought. Well, how could that be? How could Bob, who is normally so conscious and in control, how could he sit there and spill coffee all over himself and the floor, and be oblivious to it, and not have gone ‘there’?? We went to bed without this question being answered, but I didn’t push it because he clearly didn’t have any memory of what had happened, and where he might have gone.

August 18, 2011

Event #241b: One more from August 17, 2011

The flowers that were part of the "wolf" bureau arrangement

So I was curious about the flowers that she left with the “Wedding Message”. Bob had described a flower that was behind her ears and in her braid and I wondered if the yellow flower that had been left on the dresser was one of the same. When I showed it to Bob, he thought so, and it did meet his description. But when I looked it up in my books, and came up with a pretty confirmed match, I was surprised to find out it was “Ragweed”. Why would they use something common like Ragweed as part of something as important as a wedding ceremony? And yet, clearly, that is what it was. To the left is a close-up of just the flower part of the bureau arrangement. I did try to do some research on Lenape wedding ceremonies and the use of any plants, including ragweed, and could not turn up much. Here is one quote I found from the site “”: A member of the Asteraceae (sunflower) family, ragweed is also known as bitterweed, bloodweed, crownweed, and mayweed.  The genus name Ambrosia derives from the word used by the ancient Greeks to describe the food of their gods. According to legend, anyone who ate ambrosia (an unidentified fragrant plant) would receive immortality.” I wish I could find some info on Lenape wedding ceremonies. There is not much available online, maybe I just need to spend some more time at it. But the sprig of Ragweed was not the only flower that Nuttah left in the bureau arrangement.

A close-up of the purple flower in the 8/17 arrangement

There was a very small purple flower as well, which you can see towards the top of the picture. Fortunately, the following day, after I had placed the sprigs in water, I took a photograph. Had I waited even until the following evening, I would never have known what these were, as they did not last even that long. The flowers were completely spent by the time I got home from work on the 18th, but at least I had a picture that I could download, and here it is, to the right. On the weekend, I spent some time with my flower books to try to get a match on this one, and I’ve come up with a type of  “clover” called Tick-Trefoil. I can’t find any specific Lenape use for this plant yet, but my research continues.

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August 18, 2011

Event #241a: More from August 17th, 2011

Characters on the Bureau

Hearts, a wolf head, claws, and 2 new flower sprigs with the characters of Kate, Nuttah & myself

As I said, there was more to yesterday’s event than just a new arrangement on the dresser.  Nuttah treated Bob to a brief glimpse of what has been going on with her, and why we have not seen or heard much from her since July.  So, continuing with our emails from yesterday:

Bob’s to me: [I am] curious to see the picture. My belief is that nothing Nuttah does is without meaning. If my ‘dream’ has any validity, I think I know why we have had a lull in activity and why there could be less in the future. I believe I met her and her new husband. She got married to a Wolf Clan member. There were many new people in the area, lot of young punks! The flowers may be a wedding bouquet. I saw she had in her hair a long flower that was a long stem, looked sort of like the seed pod at the top of some grasses, only they were little tiny yellow flowers instead of whatever you call the hairs that come out of grass seed pods. The “pod” was  about three inches long, she had several in her hair, behind her ears and in her braids. I am not doing very well describing it, I guess it was vaguely like a tiny ear of corn. Best I can do, but she kept bringing to my attention. Her husband looks SO young. Very strong though. Almost completely shaved head. Have to run.

The necklace always used to make a 'turtle' shape, has now been put in use as a wolf-head. Three small turtle charms sit inside it.

And my email back to Bob: Did you GO there, as in travel, or was this one of the dream visions? Is the yellow flower in the picture I took the one you saw in her hair? Was she wearing any of those purple flowers too? Do you know when this was — the marriage? Curious turn of events. I wondered about that when we went to the model Lenape Village and learned they usually marry at age 13 or so. I wonder how this will change things. I hope she made a good choice.

I’m sure Bob and I were both thinking this: that we hoped the new groom was worthy of Nuttah. And why had there not been any indication at all of what was going on? Such an important event, and all we saw was a green necklace formed into a wolf-head shape instead of a heart? I’ve included in this post pictures of the 3 times that a “wolf-head” appeared in the past month. Is THAT what we were supposed to get from this? We are dim, if that is the case. I, for one, did not get it.  I am happy for her, because this is such a momentous occasion in her life. And I’m curious how this might change things. I still wish that at some point, I could get my own glimpse into her life, and not just being a witness to the changes in the dresser arrangements.

Nuttah in the office

Her new "office" character: a Lenape-girl paper doll, with the green necklace

August 18, 2011

Event #241: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Characters on the Bureau

Hearts, a wolf head, claws, and 2 new flower sprigs with the characters of Kate, Nuttah & myself

So many events, so little time. I confess, today is August 22, and here I am writing up the event of August 17th. Okay, only 5 days have passed, perhaps I should not be so hard on myself. Also, I was SO intrigued by this event that I did write it up immediately — and my post got deleted before I could publish it due to some server maintenance thing that WordPress had going on. And here it is 5 days later before I can get back to it again, but that’s life. I will relate this event with the emails that Bob and I exchanged about it the following day, which was 8/18:

Bob’s to me:  Only have a minute. Rough night of sleep. Had an interesting “dream” last night. I believe we may have had a visit from our daughter last night. I may have an explanation for the wolf portrayals with the necklace and a reason why Nuttah has been scarce. That is, of course, if what I had was not a typical dream. Did you notice anything?

Mine to Bob:  Yes, we had a visit. There was a pretty involved set-up on the dresser. I guess this must have happened after we hung up. There was another batch of flowers, which I put in water, and one of them is reviving enough for me to attempt an ID. I don’t know off-hand what they are. Kate’s character is part of this one, could be just because I put her on the dresser when I cleaned up the jewelry drawer. Nuttah leans against me, as she has done in the past. I’ll take a picture, as it’s a pretty detailed one. The green necklace (which was still down here in the office) was used as a ‘wolf-head’ portrayal again. I didn’t write it up last night because I needed the picture to go with it. I’ll go take one now. I’m curious about your ‘dream’ that went with this.

Bob’s “dream” was actually a vision of a significant event which I will write up in the next post.

August 14, 2011

Event #240: Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nuttah in the office

Her new "office" character: a Lenape-girl paper doll, with the green necklace

We have both noticed her absence. If I go back and look at the last time that she was actually ‘here’, as in an event, it was way back on July 28th. Of course, in the past, there have been longer absences than this. And I do think that it has something to do with this time of year. However, Bob got up this morning and said he felt he’d been aware last night of her ‘presence’. He was not sure it was a dream or an actual feeling.

“When was that?” I wondered. I’d had a somewhat sleepless night (lots of rain and fear of flooding were keeping me up between 3 and 5 a.m.)

“About 1:30 in the morning”, was Bob’s response. The fact is, I had tried, during my sleepless time, to communicate with her. I tried to ask if there was a need to worry… would she even know? I tried to ‘ask’, “Where have you been?”. I was awake and restless, but it did not coincide with Bob’s ‘event’. I got up after Bob did, and before I went downstairs, I had looked around the room at the various spots where changes have sometimes occurred, and there was nothing different. It was when I arrived in the kitchen that Bob told me what he had sensed last night, and my next stop was the office. And THAT is where the change was. So, she HAD been here. For the first time, she used a Lenape-girl paper doll that I got from Dover Books. I’ve had her cut out and set up in the office for maybe a week now, just to see if she would do something with her. This was supposed to be a whole diorama on my part, but I just have not yet had the time to do it. In front of the paper doll, is the green necklace from upstairs. It had been put away in one of my drawers, as I’d cleaned off the bureau, re-arranged everything, and reorganized all my jewelry. (Did have time for that). Is the shape a heart or a wolf? Bob was seeing a wolf-head. He may be right.  I will include below here the last 2 times that the same necklace was used. The most recent before today was the wolf head upstairs on the dresser, which is the picture to the left. And then the picture to the right, is the same green necklace in use as a turtle shape. And now? It’s downstairs in the office with me. One thing that I failed to mention is that I brought her new flowers yesterday. Yellow flowers from the river, that I think might be some kind of St. John’s wort, but have not yet ID’d.

Two turtles within a turtle, a new formation Monday night on the dresser

The necklace always used to make a 'turtle' shape, has now been put in use as a wolf-head. Three small turtle charms sit inside it.

August 10, 2011

Update: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I’ve finally finished updating all the missing entries from June & July. It took awhile to get it all sorted out and organized, and the missing events are listed as follows. If you read June and July after August 10, it is not necessary to follow these links as you probably already read them. Also, if you subscribe to the updates, you would have gotten them in your email, but if you want to read them in order, go here. (and I promise I won’t get this far behind again, it’s way too confusing for me, and for you too, I’m sure)

Event #226, June 6 Nuttah offers an explanation of Bob’s May 26th event
Event #226a, June 7 Bob musing on the May 26 event
Event #229, June 20 Bob has another ‘relocation’ experience
Event #232, June 30 Why there was only one wolf at the last visit
Event #233, July 5 A reappearance of a heart
Event #234, July 6 Bob hopes for a wolf-pup
Event #234a, July 6 Musings on time and events
Non-event, July 31, Lenape Village Tour