Update: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I’ve finally finished updating all the missing entries from June & July. It took awhile to get it all sorted out and organized, and the missing events are listed as follows. If you read June and July after August 10, it is not necessary to follow these links as you probably already read them. Also, if you subscribe to the updates, you would have gotten them in your email, but if you want to read them in order, go here. (and I promise I won’t get this far behind again, it’s way too confusing for me, and for you too, I’m sure)

Event #226, June 6 Nuttah offers an explanation of Bob’s May 26th event
Event #226a, June 7 Bob musing on the May 26 event
Event #229, June 20 Bob has another ‘relocation’ experience
Event #232, June 30 Why there was only one wolf at the last visit
Event #233, July 5 A reappearance of a heart
Event #234, July 6 Bob hopes for a wolf-pup
Event #234a, July 6 Musings on time and events
Non-event, July 31, Lenape Village Tour


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