Event #240: Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nuttah in the office

Her new "office" character: a Lenape-girl paper doll, with the green necklace

We have both noticed her absence. If I go back and look at the last time that she was actually ‘here’, as in an event, it was way back on July 28th. Of course, in the past, there have been longer absences than this. And I do think that it has something to do with this time of year. However, Bob got up this morning and said he felt he’d been aware last night of her ‘presence’. He was not sure it was a dream or an actual feeling.

“When was that?” I wondered. I’d had a somewhat sleepless night (lots of rain and fear of flooding were keeping me up between 3 and 5 a.m.)

“About 1:30 in the morning”, was Bob’s response. The fact is, I had tried, during my sleepless time, to communicate with her. I tried to ask if there was a need to worry… would she even know? I tried to ‘ask’, “Where have you been?”. I was awake and restless, but it did not coincide with Bob’s ‘event’. I got up after Bob did, and before I went downstairs, I had looked around the room at the various spots where changes have sometimes occurred, and there was nothing different. It was when I arrived in the kitchen that Bob told me what he had sensed last night, and my next stop was the office. And THAT is where the change was. So, she HAD been here. For the first time, she used a Lenape-girl paper doll that I got from Dover Books. I’ve had her cut out and set up in the office for maybe a week now, just to see if she would do something with her. This was supposed to be a whole diorama on my part, but I just have not yet had the time to do it. In front of the paper doll, is the green necklace from upstairs. It had been put away in one of my drawers, as I’d cleaned off the bureau, re-arranged everything, and reorganized all my jewelry. (Did have time for that). Is the shape a heart or a wolf? Bob was seeing a wolf-head. He may be right.  I will include below here the last 2 times that the same necklace was used. The most recent before today was the wolf head upstairs on the dresser, which is the picture to the left. And then the picture to the right, is the same green necklace in use as a turtle shape. And now? It’s downstairs in the office with me. One thing that I failed to mention is that I brought her new flowers yesterday. Yellow flowers from the river, that I think might be some kind of St. John’s wort, but have not yet ID’d.

Two turtles within a turtle, a new formation Monday night on the dresser

The necklace always used to make a 'turtle' shape, has now been put in use as a wolf-head. Three small turtle charms sit inside it.


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