Event #241: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Characters on the Bureau

Hearts, a wolf head, claws, and 2 new flower sprigs with the characters of Kate, Nuttah & myself

So many events, so little time. I confess, today is August 22, and here I am writing up the event of August 17th. Okay, only 5 days have passed, perhaps I should not be so hard on myself. Also, I was SO intrigued by this event that I did write it up immediately — and my post got deleted before I could publish it due to some server maintenance thing that WordPress had going on. And here it is 5 days later before I can get back to it again, but that’s life. I will relate this event with the emails that Bob and I exchanged about it the following day, which was 8/18:

Bob’s to me:  Only have a minute. Rough night of sleep. Had an interesting “dream” last night. I believe we may have had a visit from our daughter last night. I may have an explanation for the wolf portrayals with the necklace and a reason why Nuttah has been scarce. That is, of course, if what I had was not a typical dream. Did you notice anything?

Mine to Bob:  Yes, we had a visit. There was a pretty involved set-up on the dresser. I guess this must have happened after we hung up. There was another batch of flowers, which I put in water, and one of them is reviving enough for me to attempt an ID. I don’t know off-hand what they are. Kate’s character is part of this one, could be just because I put her on the dresser when I cleaned up the jewelry drawer. Nuttah leans against me, as she has done in the past. I’ll take a picture, as it’s a pretty detailed one. The green necklace (which was still down here in the office) was used as a ‘wolf-head’ portrayal again. I didn’t write it up last night because I needed the picture to go with it. I’ll go take one now. I’m curious about your ‘dream’ that went with this.

Bob’s “dream” was actually a vision of a significant event which I will write up in the next post.


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