Event #241a: More from August 17th, 2011

Characters on the Bureau

Hearts, a wolf head, claws, and 2 new flower sprigs with the characters of Kate, Nuttah & myself

As I said, there was more to yesterday’s event than just a new arrangement on the dresser.  Nuttah treated Bob to a brief glimpse of what has been going on with her, and why we have not seen or heard much from her since July.  So, continuing with our emails from yesterday:

Bob’s to me: [I am] curious to see the picture. My belief is that nothing Nuttah does is without meaning. If my ‘dream’ has any validity, I think I know why we have had a lull in activity and why there could be less in the future. I believe I met her and her new husband. She got married to a Wolf Clan member. There were many new people in the area, lot of young punks! The flowers may be a wedding bouquet. I saw she had in her hair a long flower that was a long stem, looked sort of like the seed pod at the top of some grasses, only they were little tiny yellow flowers instead of whatever you call the hairs that come out of grass seed pods. The “pod” was  about three inches long, she had several in her hair, behind her ears and in her braids. I am not doing very well describing it, I guess it was vaguely like a tiny ear of corn. Best I can do, but she kept bringing to my attention. Her husband looks SO young. Very strong though. Almost completely shaved head. Have to run.

The necklace always used to make a 'turtle' shape, has now been put in use as a wolf-head. Three small turtle charms sit inside it.

And my email back to Bob: Did you GO there, as in travel, or was this one of the dream visions? Is the yellow flower in the picture I took the one you saw in her hair? Was she wearing any of those purple flowers too? Do you know when this was — the marriage? Curious turn of events. I wondered about that when we went to the model Lenape Village and learned they usually marry at age 13 or so. I wonder how this will change things. I hope she made a good choice.

I’m sure Bob and I were both thinking this: that we hoped the new groom was worthy of Nuttah. And why had there not been any indication at all of what was going on? Such an important event, and all we saw was a green necklace formed into a wolf-head shape instead of a heart? I’ve included in this post pictures of the 3 times that a “wolf-head” appeared in the past month. Is THAT what we were supposed to get from this? We are dim, if that is the case. I, for one, did not get it.  I am happy for her, because this is such a momentous occasion in her life. And I’m curious how this might change things. I still wish that at some point, I could get my own glimpse into her life, and not just being a witness to the changes in the dresser arrangements.

Nuttah in the office

Her new "office" character: a Lenape-girl paper doll, with the green necklace


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