Event #242: Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday evening, Bob and I were sitting outside on the porch having an after dinner coffee and tea. It was fairly late, we had eaten out, and were just relaxing on the porch. I’m chattering on about something, and since I notice Bob is not responding, I glance over at him, and he seems to be way off in space. Then, I hear liquid dripping onto the floor, and at first I’m confused;  where is that coming from? Bob’s coffee mug is still in his hands, but he’s let it turn over, and all the coffee is spilling out onto his pants and the floor. He’s drinking out of a travel mug, so it drips out slower than if it was an open cup. Then the mug hits the floor, and I lean over to pick it up, saying, “Do you know you spilled your coffee?” But Bob is not even there. I mean he is sitting there, but he is clearly GONE somewhere. His eyes are darting back and forth like he’s looking at something, he is totally withdrawn ‘into’ himself, and his right hand seems to be ‘pointing’ at something, kind of fixed in a pointed ‘claw’. I really felt as if I was watching him while he was “there”. Not here, but on a “trip” to her world. I don’t think he heard anything I said, and I think it was going on even before the coffee pitched out of his hands. I marvel that he is not aware of having done this, and I’m thinking “What is going on with Bob? Is he in trouble? Is this a medical emergency?” Bob is clearly inaccessible. I have some momentary fear that he is just ‘gone’, and I’m saying something to him and shaking his arm:  “Where are you?!”, or some such thing, he seems oblivious to me. But then, just as suddenly he comes back, after less than a minute, but seeming very disoriented, shaking his head, and wondering how his coffee spilled. I told him, and asked him if he ‘went there’. He answered, “I went somewhere, but it was not what you think.” I’m sure he knew what I thought. Well, how could that be? How could Bob, who is normally so conscious and in control, how could he sit there and spill coffee all over himself and the floor, and be oblivious to it, and not have gone ‘there’?? We went to bed without this question being answered, but I didn’t push it because he clearly didn’t have any memory of what had happened, and where he might have gone.


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