Event #243 & 244: August 22 – 24, 2011

Monday August 22, Bob writes me this email:
Did you happen to hear the LOUD electrical crackle followed by 3 sharp, loud knocks at 3:32 this morning? Early morning fly through.

Mine back to Bob: No, I didn’t hear any of that. Luckily it was at that hour and not earlier, for you. I went to bed super tired though, must have been sleeping pretty soundly, although I do remember hearing you pull out. What happens in an early morning fly-through? Just that?

The arrangement from 8/17 is slightly different tonight

Then on Tuesday, August 23, I write Bob this email:
She was there last night, the bureau arrangement is different, did you have any sense of that? It was before I got home, so I guess she could have visited during the day. Also, the stone is back on your radio.

So, taking note of the picture to the left, in this arrangement, Bob’s stone was taken out and moved to his clock-radio, the hearts are in a different position, and the green necklace wolf-head-shape is slightly different. Below, I’ve included the picture from 8/17 to see the changes.

Characters on the Bureau

Hearts, a wolf head, claws, and 2 new flower sprigs with the characters of Kate, Nuttah & myself

Then Bob writes on August 24: I think we should give Nuttah and her husband something for their wedding. I don’t know what. I was trying to think of something, flowers is all that comes to mind, maybe a toaster.

And mine to Bob: Yes, I was having the same thought about a wedding present, don’t know what to give either. I could collect some flowers, how about one of our squashes or home-grown veggies?

After this email conversation, I tried to do a little research into both Lenape wedding ceremonies and Native American wedding ceremonies. I was pretty unsuccessful. I could find nothing that proved a connection between the ragweed in her hair and a wedding ceremony, except for that part I already posted about ragweed being part of a family of plants that are related somehow to immortality. In my research, the only possible wedding present that I could come up with is perhaps a gift of maize (corn), which come with wishes for fertility. I think I’ll just collect some wildflowers from the yard and we’ll present that.  Our corn crop this year was pretty dismal. We had success with tomatoes, squash, peas and beans, but the corn was a dismal failure. Good thing we were not depending on that.


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