Thursday Night, August 25, 2011

I hope that this weekend is not one of those that goes down into permanent history because of a lady named… “IRENE”. A lady hurricane to be exact, and look at the freakin’ size of this thing. I copied these pictures from the WFMZ web site; they are on the opening page, of course. That’s the little tip of Florida Irene is skirting there to the left, as she aims her sites for the Mid-Atlantic where I believe that she may wreak complete havoc. If there is no posting for awhile, it could mean a couple of things. We have no power. We got slammed, and all my energy and attention is being put toward clean-up. Or both of those. Let us all hope that this is not the case, it could be mayhem for everybody on the east coast. Please, Irene, take a big swing to the right, and spare all of us. If the course does not change, this is all slated to happen Saturday into Sunday: a good 24 hours or more of rain.

The path of Irene: the graphic is labeled "BIG RAIN PRODUCER"``

The projected severtiy of Irene: We fall into the "Major Flooding" category


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