Event #245: Friday, August 26, 2011

It had been such a crazy weekend that I don’t know now if this happened Friday or Saturday. I took the pictures Saturday, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen Friday. Those 2 days were all about preparing for a flood. We had no idea what Hurricane Irene was going to dish out, so we did the best we could. I spent one of the days lifting everything in the basement (which was a lot) up to a height of about 3 ft. or better. Saturday, Bob was home too, so between the two of us, we cleared off the deck (no small task given all those PLANTS), started to get things prepared in our lowest 2 rooms, and got the office, shed, driveway, cars, boats, bikes, and porches ready. If Irene hit like Ivan had in 2004, we were going to be prepared. It was a lot of work, and we were both exhausted. But sometime Fri. or Sat., Nuttah delivered flowers. I came up to the bedroom, and I saw a little array of yellow buds on my lamp base. And then a little later, Bob discovered that he had a sprig of them too. Over the weekend, placed in water, they did pop open, and I was able to ID them. They are the Evening Primrose that she also left us about this time last year too. Evening Primrose is a beautiful yellow flower with four heart-shaped petals. I’ve inserted one of my file pictures to the left. It occurred to me just at this moment as I’m writing this, that the last time we had high water, she left us flowers that day too. I have to go back in time and check that. Below are pictures of the flowers she brought, the top one is on my lamp-base, the bottom picture on Bob’s lamp-base:

2 small sprigs of "Evening Primrose" are arranged on the base of my lamp. The stones are from a previous visit

Another sprig of primrose on Bob's lamp-base. Bob's special 'stone' sits on his clock radio


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