Friday night, Sept. 2, 2011

I do still have to insert a post or two related to the flood of Irene. As I mentioned on Aug. 25, we were either going to be without power, or crazed-busy. And it has been the latter. Miraculously, we had power/cable/internet through the entire thing, but others did not fare so well. We have flood water to clean-up/recover from, but it is so minimal in comparison to the Ivan flood of ’04, that we are relatively relieved. However, there is still clean up, and that’s what we’ve been doing. I am posting tonight because of something Bob just experienced. I won’t know the outcome of this until tomorrow, when it is daylight, but it has me rather excited and intrigued. He had a ‘visit’ tonight, in the yard while feeding the dogs. Bob was ‘told’ that the flood unearthed something that we need to see. Something that will interest us and relates to us. I can’t wait ’til daylight to see what this is. I will post it as soon as we know.


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