Event #246a: Monday, Sept. 5, 2011

After the ‘vision’ Bob had of something to look for, both of us found hearts on our bedside tables, as close as they could possibly be to the bed, and pointing at us. Or at us, where we would be if lying in bed. Then Monday, Labor Day, we did take a little trek across the creek to see if it was possible to find what Nuttah might have been ‘talking’ about. This didn’t happen Saturday because our insurance reps arrived early to interview us about our flood claim, and then we got busy with more clean-up and the events of the day. This continued into Sunday, so Monday was the first chance we had. I said to Bob as we were searching, that it was “like looking for a needle in a haystack”. He said it was probably worse. We had no idea where to look or what we were looking for. There is a big section of creek where the bank has been eroded with all this flood-water, and it is theoretically possible that this area has not been unearthed since “their time”. But without knowing where to look, it was an exercise in frustration.

What were we to look for that was 'unearthed by the flood waters'?

I asked Bob if at any point he felt as if he was receiving any “guidance” as to where to look. “No, not at all”, was the answer. “Do you have a feeling what we might be looking for?” I wondered. Bob said for some reason he had the impression of a weapon. Well, sure, I guess we could have been looking for arrowheads, but good grief, look at this stream bank picture to the left. And there is many feet of it that looks just like this. I thought maybe if I tried an “am-I-getting-warmer” or “am-I-getting-colder” approach, I might somehow be steered which way to go. No such luck. The best I could do was to come away with an impression that perhaps we should not look at the miniscule level, but perhaps a bigger picture. I kept trying to look up the bank, up onto the level plain, up the hillside — maybe it was something up there. We can’t walk in there, because the entire area is completely overgrown with a multi-flora rose that rips at you mercilessly. It is quite brutal. It will die back in the winter. Bob doesn’t even know for sure if the area we need to look in is right behind our house — he thinks it might be a ways upstream, so that is a project for another day. I wish I had something really exciting and interesting to report.


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