Event #247: Tuesday night, Sept. 6, 2011

Unhappy, quarantined, seemingly NOT-rabid "OIN".

Again, tonight, we are expecting high water. This is getting SO old. There was more preparation; Bob installed some pumps, we moved the cars again up a high hill, I put the outside cat upstairs (remember rabid cat OIN! – bears inserting another picture):
The basement and the other rooms are still basically the way we prepared them for Irene, so there was not nearly the same preparation needed this time. Thank goodness, because it is so exhausting. When I got home from work, it wasn’t raining anymore, but the creek was scarily high, as it had rained all day. I knew it would only take about another inch or 2 of rain to push it over the wall. And it still might happen… rain is supposed to start up again soon. Bob is sleeping, I don’t know how, because I am not sure that I will be able to. I may have to at least try.

Nuttah places this arrangement on my table - hopefully it is to say that "All will be fine"

But one thing I would like to mention is that when I went upstairs to change, I noticed my character had been moved to my bedside table, and sits there looking at the bed next to Nuttah’s character, and with a couple of hearts in front of “us”, pointing at the bed. I will add a picture to this post in the morning. Also, Bob’s stone has been moved to the center of his clock-radio. I hope that this is Nuttah’s way of saying that all will be okay tonight. The township just dropped off road-closure barricades in front of our house. I think that means they are expecting it to be bad. I can’t look at the current creek level and disagree, I say as I hear the rain picking up outside.

Below is a gauge forecast from along the Delaware River. It is projected in a couple of days to rise into what they consider the “Major” Flood stage. That basically means that big parts of that area are under water. This is worse than what was projected during Hurricane Irene:


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