Event #248: Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011

A relic of an antler lays on the deck Saturday morning

We were in the kitchen Saturday morning getting our coffee. Bob said something about a thing he’d found on the deck that morning. “It wasn’t there yesterday”, he said. Bob asked me if I’d seen it.

“What is it?”, I wondered.

“Bones… or an antler”, Bob replied. “It was laying on the deck this morning.”

“Show me where it is”, I said.

Bob took me out to the deck, and sure enough, laying there amidst the debris from our Irene flood, some early falling leaves, and the morning’s raindrops, was a bone/antler. I picked it up. When I turned it to its end, I saw that it was definitely an antler — what kind of antler, I was not exactly sure, but it had to be an antler because of its base.  It looked like it had been chewed on too, by some animal. This antler clearly seemed to have been “placed” here – our dogs could not have done it, because they haven’t been on the deck since the flood. The yard got pretty chewed up, and we’re not letting them pass through there.

“Do you think this is the artifact??” I wondered. Was this the thing she’d sent us looking for when we were told that ‘something was uncovered by the flood’?

The base of the "bone" we found; determined to be an antler

Bob said he didn’t think so. Then later that same day, after I’d set the antler up to take some pictures of it, Bob was sitting at the back door just staring at it. (I’m sitting here in my office typing this, and without touching it, my TV has just turned itself off… I don’t even have a remote for this TV, so I could not have put it on timer)

The antler standing up - this seems like a very old relic

Anyway, Bob staring at the antler… As he is doing that, he also gets a strong visual memory of the scene he was taken to see on August 20th, the Saturday night we sat outside together after dinner. That was the night I witnessed Bob being “taken” to her world; when he witnessed part of the final ceremony in honor of the multiple marriages that had taken place. Also, the night he spilled his coffee without knowing it (my TV just switched back on again… I haven’t stopped typing, the TV is just doing that by itself — ‘My Name is Earl’, is what is playing). Along with this vision, Bob also got a strong message from Nuttah – “I need you to do that again, both of you, sitting outside like that — do it tonight”. That was the clear message.

But we didn’t do it. We’ve been pretty busy with flood details, insurance claims, and all the usual business of life, and we just didn’t have a chance to sit outside Saturday night. But we thought about it, and we talked about it, and for some reason, I also think that there was part of Bob that didn’t want to. Kind of a trepidation, it seemed like. On my part too. I think that we both sensed that something might happen. But then the next day, Bob got a message that she was disappointed that we didn’t “show up”.

But getting back to the antler. I studied this object, and I had some doubts about what kind of antler it might actually be. Deer? Moose? Something else? It didn’t really have the smooth, brown (and thin) quality of a deer antler, but I guess it could have been pretty old, or bleached by sun, or eroded by water, or all of the above. I went on the internet to look at antlers, not because I don’t know what deer antlers look like, but just to see if I could maybe find some that resembled this one. It did occur to me that perhaps this might be from “her era”. Most that I found online did not really look like this one, with a single exception. And that was a carving that I found, and coincidentally, it is also a carving of a Native American design. I’ve included a picture of it below. I am not sure of the meaning of the antler that was left for us, but it does seem as if Nuttah is involved, and Bob gets that sense too. However, he is pretty certain that it is NOT the object that the flood uncovered.

An example of a carved antler obtained from the internet


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