Event #249: Tuesday evening, September 13, 2011

Tuesday evening, Bob wrote me this email:
I got up from sitting on the deck having a brew with the puppies to get their water bucket for fresh water, walked to the edge of the deck and stepped off to another place. [I was] met by a pack of wolves, Waffles and Duke in tow. Creekside with dups (the pups) and Nuttah. She put a necklace on me and smiled at me, it had bone and shell in it, maybe some stones, she was very happy. We walked along the creek, downstream, past the sweat lodge. Never gone this way before that I remember. [There was a] wide open pool about 100 yards downstream from where our house would be. Very deep, I think, full of beautiful brookies, 100’s of them. All swimming in place at the top of the pool. Duke is not missing any hair and I have no shirt, just pants that are not all the way to my ankles. Deerskin, I guess. I remembered to ask about across the stream. It is still there, but not across from us, upstream. No idea what it is. The [wolf] puppies are not small anymore, they are almost the size of the parents, but much more carefree. Duke went off with the father into the woods, I tried to call him by name, nothing came out. I yelled temě, they both stopped and came back immediately. Nuttah smiled and said “they listen”, at least that is what I remember. I said, can you bring An’na, she said yes, if she will come. She will, I said. Tell An’na I miss her.

[Then I am] back on the step, [with the] dups in the walk way. I am seeing a pattern, [I have to be] either somnolent or slightly intoxicated. I love you Awup An’na. Please come to her, she wants you there.

Bob called me at work to have me look at this email, which I did. All I could do was marvel over it. This hasn’t happened in awhile, and I was curious as to why then? Bob refers in it to the thing that was uncovered in the flood waters. It turns out that despite our fears that it was dislodged or washed away in flood #2 (the high waters as a result of Tropical Storm Lee), it is actually still there. We have just been looking in the wrong place. Must go upstream sometime soon, and see if we can see whatever it is.

And this is part of an email Bob sent me the next morning:
Can’t get the memory of the trout pool out of my head, that was pretty amazing. I am really wondering where I am during these episodes, what is actually happening. Why am I not completely freaked out and having panic attacks? Maybe I am as dumb as the dups.


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