Event #250: Sunday Morning, Sept. 18, 2011

A picture of our "Dukey" from awhile back

This summer, our biggest dog, Dukey, has been having some health problems. Duke is the shepherd, who is mentioned a lot in the blog because he often goes on ‘the adventures’. Duke is not a young dog, and we’ve had him to the vet a lot because of his conditions, which include Lyme disease and skin infections and allergies. Bob had been trying to get him to the vet for a couple of weeks and had to postpone appointments because he couldn’t get out of work in time. Finally, we arranged for me to take him on Friday. He tested positive again for Lyme (we do have a lot of deer ticks around here), so he was sent home with a new prescription for a month-long course of antibiotics to deal with the Lyme. He’d lost his appetite, and had lost weight, and seems lethargic. I gave him his first dose Friday when I got home with him. The next morning, he was not better, he was worse. But it was Saturday, and the vet was not open, otherwise we would have called. By Saturday evening, poor Duke was really bad. Our daughter, Kate, had come out to visit and thought she should say good-bye to him for good. Bob tried to eye-dropper him some liquids, as he was not taking anything. Not the medicine, nor any food or water. Duke, it seemed, was leaving us. We said good night reluctantly, and neither Bob nor I slept very well Saturday night thinking about what might be going on with Duke. Bob got up ahead of me Sunday morning, and I worried about what he might be going downstairs to. I got up shortly after, and immediately looked out the window to see what pups were on the deck — and there was Duke! Before I came down, Bob had time to write me this email:

Had an unbelievably happy morning. After a restless night worrying about what I was going to find with Dukey, dreaming of digging his grave and carrying him to it,  I came down and hesitantly opened the basement door to find him standing there wagging his tail. Not fully recovered, but up and more alert. Got them out and then tried some more of the chicken soup, this time he didn’t need the eye dropper. Ate it all, entire can, even the carrots. Decided since it was a beautiful cool morning to start a fire in the chiminea. I got things going and went to hunt and gather more wood.  Headed towards the creek off the deck and ‘was gone’. [I then find myself] standing by the creek with Nuttah and saw Dukey and Waffles about 50 yards downstream from us. She called to them and they both trotted up to us. Nuttah immediately hugged Dukey, I have never seen her do that before, he licked her face. Nuttah sat on a rock by the creek with Dukey beside her, I was behind them. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. She said the fire was important and I got a flash of “ancestors” when she said it. Look for the antler.

Now me just narrating: Duke made this miraculous recovery. We both really thought that we were going to lose him. I think that perhaps Nuttah had a hand in this: remember, she is “the medicine woman”. Monday, I wrote this email to Bob with my thoughts:

“You know I had this sodden thought while on the towpath – maybe Dukey was the way he was Saturday night because she had him “there”. Maybe he was being ministered to with Native medicines, and then she brought him back Sunday feeling better. You were pretty out of it / non-responsive when you were “there”, at least your “here” body was. Just a thought.”

If you missed the post about when I witnessed Bob “going there”, here is a link to it. And the comment above about the antler — “Look for the antler”? That’s because we lost it. Well, I’m not sure that we actually LOST it, or if it was moved. Anyway, we can’t find it, and we’ve looked everywhere. The only thing that I succeeded in finding was another, different bone (this time a leg) up in a tree about 5 feet off the ground. This tree stands right off of our deck, and the flood waters definitely did not go THAT high. That one has no explanation either. How do these things GET there?? And where is the antler??


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