Today is 10/6/11, but this happened Sept. 22

A handsome picture of Duke from 2007

This is a sad post to write. 2 weeks ago today, we lost our Dukey. I haven’t been able to post about this, because for Bob and I, it has just been too sad and traumatic. That temporary rebound Duke had, when I thought (desperately hoping?) that there had been an intervention of native medicine? It was just that — I mean temporary. We had him back in to the vet Thursday morning, September 22, and the prognosis was grim. I actually did write it all up shortly afterwards, but I couldn’t even re-read it, let alone post it. And I couldn’t put Bob through that either. We needed time. Time to grieve, time to mourn, time to absorb the sadness about the loss. All of that is hardly past us now, we still think about Duke every day. We miss him, Duke was a member of our family. He was a shepherd, and he was not young and apparently, dogs of his breed are prone to a specific kind of cancer – and he had a tumor of the spleen and was bleeding internally. Radical surgery was not going to help him either. And so he is gone. Passed on to the spirit world. Bob is simply grief-stricken, and we are trying to cope with the loss. But the reason I post this now, is because there are events that have transpired since the passing of Dukey that are critical to understanding the connections between Nuttah’s world and ours. I don’t claim to understand them, I am trying to grasp all of the meaning, but with my limited brain-power, it is almost hopeless. And then a couple nights after Dukey passed, I was to witness one of the strangest, yet most interesting of the events for me, to date. Knowing about Dukey is critical to understanding what happens next, and I hope to get caught up sometime this weekend with all of the things that have transpired since.


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