Event #252: Saturday, September 24, 2011

In our grief on Saturday, we busied ourselves with different things around the house. My heart was not in anything, nor was Bob’s. Everything felt awful. I even blew off a mini-high school reunion event I had committed to be part of. Just couldn’t muster the energy or desire, and I knew Bob would find it unbearable, so it was an easy decision. I was not getting anything productive done, so decided to do something related to what Nuttah had shown Bob the previous evening. What he’d been shown was so disturbing to both of us that we could barely think about it, but I wanted to understand. I thought that I should give Nuttah some characters to work with, as most had disintegrated by now. Looking through pictures on my computer, I found a good one of each one of our dogs: Duke, Stupe, and Wiley, who we most often call “Wobbles”. For each dog, I crafted a stand-up “character”, similar to the dolls I’d made for each of us. Then I found on the internet a good resemblance that would represent the male wolf, and another one for the female wolf. And lastly, I recreated Bob’s still-missing character. And I don’t know why, but I also added a bark-hut to the mix. One of those little huts that Bob saw on one of his trips there, but this picture was taken at the Lenape Village. Here is the whole array of characters, the way I left them set up on the bureau; our 3 dogs, the wolves, Bob & me, Nuttah as the angel, and of course a couple of hearts:

Our 3 pups + 2 of the Teme, me, Bob, Nuttah and the bark-hut: click to see full size

Then I got busy doing our usual Saturday stuff. Bob was really too depressed to do much of anything, and I understood that. There was some college ball on that he could distract himself with. I went up to the bedroom a bit later, just to see if there had been any change. At first, it almost eluded me. As soon as I realized what it was though, I gasped. Oh no. What I was seeing, was almost exactly the same scene that I had left, except Duke and the male wolf were now turned around. They were reversed, so that what showed was the back of them which is solid white. It was clear though: they were ghosts – the 2 of them; white, blank ghosts in the field of dogs. On the one hand, I was relieved that she’d visited and left a message, but on the other hand, it was so disturbing what the message was, and it just reinforced all that we’d gotten so far. I was so sad about this afterwards, that I eventually went back up and turned them back around to face front so that we wouldn’t have to continually look at their “ghost” sides.

Duke and Teme have been turned to the wall, they appear as 2 ghosts


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