Event #253: Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

Bob sent me this email this morning, and below it is my reply:

I meant to ask you, was there any activity last night? There was serious walking around upstairs when I came down this morning, enough for me to go search all around. Obviously nothing found. I also don’t think it was coincidence that Dukey kept showing up on my screensaver here last Thursday. My friend was saying good bye.

Me: I didn’t hear anything last night, or see anything moved or changed. I’ve been getting a lot of images of turtles though. All different ways, but turtles nevertheless. Always the same kind of turtle – the type from here.

Bob’s last comment in his email requires a little explanation. Bob has some pictures that randomly show on his work computer as a screensaver. He says that over time, he will see one of the 4 he has of Duke only occasionally – once a week at the most. And Thursday, the fateful day at the vet, all 4 pictures of Duke kept showing up on his screensaver repeatedly. Enough times to both get Bob’s attention and to cause agony each time he saw him.

Bob and I then talked later while I was at work, and I asked him about what he heard. “Just walking around, really obvious walking on the floors above me”.

Kind of spooky, but not exactly the first time that’s occurred in the front of the house. I sit here almost every night, doing this or something else at my desk, and I never hear anything, or almost never. Certainly not clear footsteps, cause I think that would get me out of here pretty quick. So I asked Bob if he noticed any changes in our room, and in particular with all the characters I left on the dresser.
“No.” was the reply.
“How ’bout the bedside tables?” I wondered.
“Nope.”, said Bob.
I was a little disappointed, I must say. I thought, since that event on Saturday when I placed all the dogs on the dresser, that it was about time for another one. I needed something. Something to understand what went on with Dukey and the Teme, the male wolf. We are so distraught; we want something, some kind of explanation. Not so much for Duke; we understand that. We aren’t dealing with it well, but we understand medical things and irreversible health issues. But why did Teme have to die too? He was healthy dog – a relatively young dog. That’s the big unanswerable question that has us hurting even more. So when I came home, I anxiously went up and peered at the dresser. It wasn’t obvious at first, there are so many dogs on the dresser — but then in the dim light cast only by the TV, I spotted it. Duke and Teme are merged. This time they are not reversed like the last time when they appeared like ghostly white “blanks” in the field of dogs. They are facing forward, but they are completely merged as if one dog. I guess they were one dog. This is what I am coming to understand. They are one and the same. Duke was the Teme male. But how is that possible? They occupied different time-frames, and different looking bodies — but the spirit in each dog was the same. This is just too much, but the death of Duke, and the simultaneous death of the male wolf is a huge clue as to how this whole thing works together. And now they are one, I think that is the message tonight from Nuttah. There are some other changes as well; a heart points at Bob, sitting on top of one of the little stabilizing stones.  When I studied the changes the next morning, in better light, what I realized that Nuttah had done was to simply remove Duke from his stand, and place him in the same stand as his wolf counterpart. I feel only a tiny bit better, the world is still not right without Duke:


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