Event #254: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My first email from Bob this morning:
I didn’t want to get up this morning, I spent the entire night in puppy dreams. They seemed so real, left the house very depressed and in a fog, literally and figuratively. Fog ALL the way in. The dreams were in some ways typical but in other ways not at all.  I started out just dreaming of Dukey and having normal activities with him on the deck and in the yard, but, this is where it seemed like typical dream stuff, I would be playing with him and he would suddenly be Tëme and then back to Duke just as quickly. Then dreams of Tëme along the creek, here and there would turn into Duke and then back again. Nuttah and the old joints “appeared” in some dreams, mostly Nuttah, she didn’t say much, just:

“He is happy (referring to Duke/Tëme, whoever was there at the moment) you are happy, then so am I. He found his friend his way, I found you my way, be thankful” .

It was overwhelming when she said it to me, being overcome with the enormity of what is inferred still. I don’t know if it is just a dream or another psychotic episode or both, but I have never before had a continuous dream throughout an entire night, especially having woken several times and reentered the dream. I don’t know what to think, the dreams had some episodes at their place that I don’t have any recollection of in my current history, almost like it was events Tëme and Nuttah’s father experienced together before he died. But if it is just dreams, it is meaningless. I would like to believe otherwise, if they are other than dreams, Nuttah’s father was quite a guy. There are some things that I haven’t written, maybe, as I have time and remember, I will.

Duke & Tëme on the dresser merged as one dog

And mine back to Bob:
I would assume that they are NOT dreams; that it was a real picture in some way. I wish I could get that too. What I did get though, gives me some measure of comfort, as I see visually on the dresser, what I think she was saying to you in the dream. But I don’t understand it, I can’t begin to understand it.

And then on the morning of September 28, Bob wrote this email:
I know this is complete silliness. but somewhere on my computer (somewhere that is not in my “pictures” file) I have a picture of Dukey looking directly at me while I am sitting on the deck with them. Since Thursday, that picture has shown up in my screensaver images everyday at least once when I walk in my office.  Pictures of him popping up before that were extremely rare. And I can’t find where the picture is on the computer.

Now just me narrating: This reminds me of the songs (mostly that Bob reports) that interrupt the middle of a radio talk show; songs that have meaning to Bob or the listener, just ‘appearing’ on the airwaves. And there have been other random images and weird coincidences that happen. For instance, something started happening involving my mother (who is deceased) that make me wonder if it is coincidence or something driven somehow? I will write that up in the next post.


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