September 27, 2011: A dream or something else?

Bob had a dream that he has put in the class of ‘dreams’ that are more like experiences. Not a real dream, but an experience he has while he is sleeping, which Nuttah has done with him a number of times. Sort of a short-cut version of the ‘time-travel’ experiences, maybe a little less hard on her and the traveler. This one though, involved my mother. My mother died after a sudden illness more than 3 years ago.  Recently, and I don’t know if this started before or after Bob’s ‘dream’, but I’ll have an experience walking up to our bedroom at night, and as soon as I enter the door to that part of the house, where I usually encounter Joe, I’ll get chills and goosebumps, and almost simultaneously, a vision of my mother will come into my head. And I continue on up the stairs to the bedroom, and then forget, until the next night, the same thing happens. It’s been about the last 2-3 weeks I would say. And then Bob related this dream that he had recently:

Bob finds himself sitting at an outdoor bar on a cold day in the middle of winter. The bar was down the hill from a building that had the look of a southern Plantation style home. A little odd, considering how cold it was at this outdoor winter bar.  So Bob is sitting there, and he glances over to the seat at the right of him. My mother is sitting in that seat, and she just kind of ‘appeared’ there, she hadn’t been there before. I am somewhere in this ‘dream”, but I was not present when my mother appeared. In her hands, she is showing Bob a bowl that she is carrying — a kind of small, brownish, ceramic bowl. Into this bowl, she pours some pebbles: small, black, shiny pebbles, about the size of peas. Then, and she has Bob observe carefully what she is doing, she pours a liquid over the stones. It is a thick, viscous, purple liquid, and with it, she surrounds the pebbles in the bowl. Then, she produces a match, with which she lights a wick that is sticking out of the mixture. Shortly, everything in the bowl then becomes chilled; chilling downwards from the top of the bowl. With this demonstration, there was a sense of urgency that the information be relayed to Bob, and that he “gets it”. The upshot of the effect as Bob understood it was “chilling without refrigeration”.

I can’t say that this has not been a “hot” topic of Bob’s all summer, as he’s tried to figure out ways to both make our house cooler, as well as his environment at work. (It’s been an insanely hot, humid summer this year). And then my mother shows up with this bowl, stones, and liquid. Apparently, my Dad was in the dream somewhere too, but he must have been off with me wherever I was. Bob marveled at his ability to remember the many details of the dream, which he usually does not. He came away from this ‘dream’ feeling as if he had been shown something important, something he needed to remember, and also to figure out how to do.

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