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October 25, 2011

Events #262-263: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bob is now in the scene, along with the Bark-hut. Compare to Event #259

Sometime on Saturday, the 22nd, there was another change on the dresser. This time, Bob’s character was brought out of the drawer and placed next to Duke/Tëme. His outstretched hand is touching the back of Duke. Nuttah turns herself to look at all of us. The last thing that was added in the rear was the bark-hut, which can’t really be seen, just the lower right edge of it behind “Bob”. Now tonight, I just came home, and my first stop is usually to head over there to check on Joe because he will need to be fed. And of course I always check around the room for any changes, the bureau first. Tonight, the change was immediately obvious. Nuttah’s character is missing. I could not find her anywhere in the room, including the drawer, so my first check was our “new” bedside tables in the bedroom in the front of the house. She’s not there. Not in the bathroom either. The office was my last stop, and she is not in here either. Where is Nuttah? I probably won’t know until tomorrow morning, or until we just stumble upon her wherever she may have placed herself.

October 21, 2011

Event #261: Thursday, October 20, 2011

Since we lost Dukey, Bob has been finding that pictures of Duke cycle on the screensaver of his work computer on a fairly regular basis. This is a new event, in that before, these pictures rarely came up. One of them in particular, he doesn’t even know where on his computer it is, and has been at a loss as to how to find it. I had asked him at one point to email it to me, as it sounded like a picture I would like, but Bob didn’t know where it was stored. Then this morning, Bob sent me this email:

“I came into my office twice this morning to see that haunting picture of Dukey staring forlornly at me. I hope he is well somewhere. I wish I could find the picture on the computer.”

As soon as I read that, I remembered that the prior day, Bob had sent me the picture. I responded with this email:

“You did send me that picture of Dukey, how did you send it without finding it on your computer? I think it’s the one you’re talking about. He’s sitting by the fence on the deck, just him. I’m pretty sure he is well somewhere. I don’t know why, I just have that feeling, esp. that he feels better.”

Then Bob sent back to me: What picture I sent you!!? It sounds like the picture I am talking about, but I didn’t send it to you?? Unless you mean a long time ago and I don’t remember, which could be this morning! What one is it, could you send it to me please?

And then me to Bob: You sent it to me yesterday. The time on the email is 1:56 pm. I meant to mention last night that I got it, and to thank you for sending it, but I forgot, imagine that. I know I asked you to, but if you didn’t send it, I got it somehow! I’ll forward it back to you in a separate email, you can let me know if it’s the one you’ve been talking about. Also, check to see if it shows up “sent” in your email — it was only yesterday.

Bob to me: I didn’t send it to you. Did I write anything? I don’t know where the picture is on my computer. I’ll check sent mail but we didn’t have internet most of the day yesterday, which is becoming more the norm then not. I think I would remember sending it, I certainly would remember finding it.

The picture I got "somehow" from Bob that he didn't send

Me: Here’s the picture I got. You can see the send information below. There was no message, and no subject, just the picture. I meant to say thanks last night to you for sending it, I think it’s the one you told me about that I asked for a copy of, you told me you didn’t know where it was on your computer.

Bob to me: I got it, that is it, I didn’t send it.

And lastly, from me: That is really interesting. A pretty amazing “event” considering the technology involved. I’m impressed. Search the file name I sent you and you’ll see where picture is.

Bob still can’t find this picture anywhere on his computer. It is the picture I asked for, and it is the picture that he says keeps cycling on the screensaver, but Bob did not send it, and when I asked him to look in his “sent” mail, he said the email I got was not in there either. Another one of those random, unexplainable events like the songs that come on the radio without explanation. How can this be happening? But as soon as I propose that question, I realize the bigger question, how can any of this be happneing?

October 19, 2011

Event #260: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I wrote Bob this email the morning of October 19:

“I woke to the sense of someone sitting on the bed with me. A small person. Not anything concrete, and could have been part of a dream, but it was just a feeling. I also had the feeling of a connection, “daughter” perhaps. So maybe she was there when I got up?”

And Bob’s reply: That would be interesting if you were able to “sense” Nuttah being with us. Was there anything going on as far as moving stuff or rearranging of stuff?

The first objects appear where we've relocated to our front bedroom - Bob's stone with a relic of a ragweed sprig

And my reply: When I made the bed, I noticed your stone and a flower sprig on your clock-radio (looks like a dried up sprig of the ragweed that she wore on her wedding day). I can’t say when they appeared there – it could have been last night, it could have been this morning. Why did you ask, did you sense something too? Yes it would be something if I could sense her. First time I’ve gotten an impression like that, even counting all those times I used to hear that buzz/hum.

Bob’s reply: No, I slept like a sedate donkey, I just thought there might be some physical evidence. I know it wasn’t there when I went to bed. I set my alarm at night now, I would have noticed it. So much for wondering if she would find us.

And now me just narrating. The sense I had of someone on the bed was definitely nothing concrete, but sometimes, upon awakening, in that sort of “in-between” phase of consciousness, you are maybe aware on a different level. The sense was gone as soon as I became fully conscious, but I was left with as clear an impression as I can have that I had not been alone in the room. And then finding Bob’s stone on his radio — and he said it was not there when he went to bed. So she might have trotted it over this morning and placed it there while I was laying in bed in my dreams, and hung out until I woke up. What a thought. I often wonder how do the things move. I used that phrase, “trotted it over”, but I’m not at all sure how things are relocating, because I have never witnessed it, and Joe sure can’t tell me what he’s seen, although I know he has been witness to it. I’ve often thought that her powers enable her to just “think” something somewhere. She does not have to physically pick it up and put it somewhere, she can visualize it where she wants it and it just goes. I’m really curious about that. Think about the implications of being able to do that though. Sometimes I think we should have taken Dan up on his offer to put us in touch with someone that could provide video equipment, but Bob was really opposed to that idea because he was already getting a clear sense of the “who” that we had in our midst. There is still the fear that doing that could somehow jeopardize something.

One other thing that bears mentioning. Two or three times as I’m preparing for sleep, I’ve had this experience. I’m already in bed, Bob has been asleep for a few hours already, and I have the TV on, and I’m just zoning out… I’ll hear a sound towards the door, like it is about to open. I look over, and I don’t think it has moved, but I know I clearly hear something, like the door just became unlatched or something. And then nothing happens, and I just mentally note it, and go to sleep.

October 16, 2011

Event #259: Sunday, October 16, 2011

Duke/Tëme, Nuttah and "I?" love the Turtle tribe?

This event only comes in the form of a dresser arrangement. I came up to this sometime on Sunday — this is still in our “old” bedroom, even though we have moved to the front of the house. There is a sprig of purple asters in this picture behind Duke/Tëme. I picked those while walking with Wobbles on Saturday, and put a bunch of them in a small glass by “Nuttah”. She has also brought “me” (my character) out of the mess in the drawer, and inserted me behind Duke/Tëme.  I asked Bob what he thought this new arrangement meant, but I also have my own thought, based on Bob’s assessment of the last arrangement, which I’ve also included a picture of again. I think it just simply means:  Duke/Tëme, Nuttah and “I” love the Turtle tribe.

The merged Tëme/Duke, and a heart in line with the pewter turtle

October 15, 2011

Event #258: Friday night, October 14, 2011

Bob wrote this email to me Saturday morning the 15th, about something that occurred Friday night:

I sat around a large fire outside the main long house. There were about 22 people total, not including me. Some of the men were off on an extended hunting trip. I sat next to Nuttah and her husband, there were several young children with what appeared to be women other than their mothers, judging by the age of the women. One, and this is the first I am aware of this, looked distinctly like your Mom. She looked away when I looked at her, I could be wrong. I tried to ask Nuttah, but was silenced and diverted from the thought. I will pursue this obviously, but this wasn’t the time apparently.

This didn’t appear to be a special ceremony, although it could have been, it seemed more like a simple community gathering around the fire. While sitting there, I saw tëme mom and puppies at the very edge of of the clearing. I looked at Nuttah to ask her if they could join us, she and her husband both said, “They won’t, you go”. I got up and went to the mom, the pups took off as if afraid of me, mom stayed and waited for them to calm down. They don’t seem to be comfortable with people, I guess that is good. I hugged mom tëme and petted her, she seemed ok, not jubilant as the past times I have seen her, but definitely happy to see me. Unlike our two, she misses Tëme/Duke. Nuttah came over and told me I would have to leave soon or I would have to stay, that got my attention. I asked to see the grave of Tëme/Duke, not now, soon was what I was told. He, if he can, will find you, if not, you will find him. As you find An’na, you will find him, as I found you. I said, “No, I can’t do what you can do, I am just along for the journey.” She smiled, that was all. It was much cooler there than it is here, also much clearer, cleaner air than we have. The men were still not wearing long leggings, I guess they are a bit hardier than us. She is not upset with our move to the front of the house at all, she understands it, I guess. Her husband seems so young, so does she though. I hugged mom tëme and the pups let me scratch under their chin; there are only 2 by the way. I don’t want to know where the other is. Nuttah held my hands, smiled at me, I”m back.

Now me narrating: This weekend, I plan on adding some characters to the paper-doll cut outs. First, 3 wolf pups, so we can get an idea what might be going on there. Second, a Lenape character that will have my Mother’s face. Also, and I’ve thought of this recently, and don’t know why I didn’t add them before, but the 2 elder gents probably need a character. And then Nuttah’s new husband, but I’ll need Bob’s help with what he looks like. And lastly, I’m thinking about moving the whole lot of everybody over to this side of the house with us. Or should I just wait to see what Nuttah does with them?

October 11, 2011

Event #257: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On October 8th, we were having my Dad overnight, and he was going to be staying in the back bedroom. In advance of his visit, I cleared the dresser of all the cut-outs, and anything else that might raise a question. It certainly did cross my mind that something might happen while he was there. I had asked Bob to take over a comforter and fix up the bed for him, and I went up later to see if the room was in shape for my Dad as a guest. For the most part it was, but on the bed were the 2 Ma & Pa ducks from the top of the closet – the Pa on Bob’s side of the bed, and the Ma on mine. I placed them on the bedside table and went down to ask Bob if he’d put them on the bed. He hadn’t.

Then, the next morning after my Dad had spent the night in the room, something else happened. Sunday morning, he took a long time to get up. At almost 11:00, we were starting to get worried a bit, so I quietly crept over to that part of the house. I didn’t hear a thing. I took the liberty of knocking lightly at the bottom of the stairs to the bedroom, and he answered right away. He was already up. But he asked me to come upstairs and check something out; “something happened with a plant you have in the bathroom”. I couldn’t imagine what, so I climbed the stairs, and sure enough, a giant plant in a stand had crashed down onto the floor and broken apart, inexplicably. There was potting soil all over the floor. This was going to be quite a clean-up, but I tried to minimize that part of it. Dad, though, was not able to say what happened, I think just because he didn’t know. Was it Joe? I don’t think so. Did Dad bump into it? I don’t think so either, he would have said he knocked it over. So what was it? I still don’t know. I just cleaned everything up, and the plant survived. Dad did not report anything odd, with the exception of the plant that ended up on the floor. So I didn’t think much of it, until a couple of days later, I was getting some things out of the closet in the back bedroom. We’re slowly in the process of moving everything from back there to the front bedroom where we now reside. I took a load of things out of a closet and put my hand on something that was unfamiliar. It was a rabbit. The Oaxacan rabbit carving from atop the mirror cabinet was in the back of the closet behind all the pillowcases. Hmmmmm… had it been “hidden” there? And when? How long had it been missing?

The merged Tëme/Duke, and a heart in line with the pewter turtle

Here is the email I wrote Bob about it: “I was cleaning out a shelf in our old bathroom closet of some pillow cases, and found the rabbit behind them against the back wall of the closet – the one that had sat up on our mirror cabinet. Don’t know if I’d ever have found it if I hadn’t discovered those cases needed washing due to smelling like mold.”

Bob wrote back: “The rabbit thing is strange. Are you sure about it? Not something you accidentally moved?”

And me: “No, I don’t think  that I accidentally took the rabbit and hid it in the back of a closet behind a bunch of pillow cases! ;-}”

Then, on October 11th, there was a new arrangement on the dresser. (see picture to the left) All of the cut-outs had still been hidden in the drawer where I put them the day my Dad had been staying. But Tuesday morning, I came over to some of them sitting out on the dresser top. I wrote Bob an email about what I’d found:  “I’ll send the pic of the new arrangement separately. See if you can decipher for me, since my brain is sludge today.”

Bob replied with this: “My first thought and impression is “Dukey/Tëme love and miss their tribe.”

I think Bob is right, with the message. It seems obvious now that I look at it, but the message is really very simple:

“Dukey/Tëme love and miss their Turtle tribe.”

October 7, 2011

Event #256: October 3-6, 2011

One thing needs to be explained before I can continue with posting all the new pictures. Bob and I moved out of the back of the house and into the front. This, I believe, was on October 1st. It’s something we had planned to do, because we only want to burn one wood stove this winter to heat the house rather than two. Stewie has moved out, and it is just the 2 of us. So, for the first time in our 10 years here, we are now in one of the pretty small but very cozy bedrooms of the old, original, 2-bedroom cape-cod part of the house. Our old bedroom and the flooded, damaged, muddy, living room below it stand empty. Empty of people, anyway, and Joe has not figured out yet how to find us. That being Joe’s entire “Universe”, it is possible that he never will find us. I did wonder how this might look to Nuttah, and how we might explain to her why we were doing it. I didn’t want her to feel like we were abandoning her, or were leaving for any other reason other than economics. (and not wanting to walk through the flooded room all the time).

Above then, is a picture of what I found on the dresser on Oct. 3rd; Tëme/Duke is standing between Bob & I, Nuttah sits next to me and there are hearts and a flower sprig in front of all. And the morning of October 4th, I write Bob this email:  I meant to tell you that there is a new re-arrangement on the dresser with us and the pups again. She visited over there. I think you have to let her know why we moved. (meaning moved our bedroom to the front of the house)

Every night, after our move, I stop in the back of the house and the old bedroom to both check on Joe, and see what he needs, and to see if there have been any changes on the dresser with the characters. Here are a couple of photos of how things appeared on October 6th. This appears to be the “Girl” side of the dresser, as it is ‘me’, Nuttah, the “mother wolf” emerging from the bark-hut, and the wolf pups, I presume. Plus a couple of hearts and a turtle. The round pendant-heart that is red in a yellow circle plays into the scene for the first time. The pendant was a gift from Bob last Valentine’s Day, and had hung in my jewelry closet:

The left, "Girl" side of the dresser

Then the “guy” side of the dresser looked like this picture below. In this one, we have Bob with the merged version of Tëme and Duke, Bob’s stone, some dried flower sprigs, and a heart.

The right "Guy" side of the dresser: Bob and the male pups

My email about it to Bob: The changes on the dresser are fascinating. I can’t interpret really, except for the obvious parts, like you with Duke and Tëme, your stone with you and a heart. For the first time, the Valentine heart you gave me has been brought out into use. I will send you a picture, I took some last night. I don’t know what it all means. I had a dream last night about one of the wolf-pair pups. In a compound sort of like where homeless people or even a tribe would live inside a city, like the poor in Santa Fe or some place like that.

Now me just narrating: I do hope that Nuttah is not perturbed by our move. I know that she has been on this side of the house before, as there have often been changes in my office. So, we wait to see if she finds us or visits, or moves anything around over here. I don’t want to bring the characters over just yet, she seems to be doing interesting things with them over there. But I would like it if Bob could somehow convey the reason for our move.