Event #256: October 3-6, 2011

One thing needs to be explained before I can continue with posting all the new pictures. Bob and I moved out of the back of the house and into the front. This, I believe, was on October 1st. It’s something we had planned to do, because we only want to burn one wood stove this winter to heat the house rather than two. Stewie has moved out, and it is just the 2 of us. So, for the first time in our 10 years here, we are now in one of the pretty small but very cozy bedrooms of the old, original, 2-bedroom cape-cod part of the house. Our old bedroom and the flooded, damaged, muddy, living room below it stand empty. Empty of people, anyway, and Joe has not figured out yet how to find us. That being Joe’s entire “Universe”, it is possible that he never will find us. I did wonder how this might look to Nuttah, and how we might explain to her why we were doing it. I didn’t want her to feel like we were abandoning her, or were leaving for any other reason other than economics. (and not wanting to walk through the flooded room all the time).

Above then, is a picture of what I found on the dresser on Oct. 3rd; Tëme/Duke is standing between Bob & I, Nuttah sits next to me and there are hearts and a flower sprig in front of all. And the morning of October 4th, I write Bob this email:  I meant to tell you that there is a new re-arrangement on the dresser with us and the pups again. She visited over there. I think you have to let her know why we moved. (meaning moved our bedroom to the front of the house)

Every night, after our move, I stop in the back of the house and the old bedroom to both check on Joe, and see what he needs, and to see if there have been any changes on the dresser with the characters. Here are a couple of photos of how things appeared on October 6th. This appears to be the “Girl” side of the dresser, as it is ‘me’, Nuttah, the “mother wolf” emerging from the bark-hut, and the wolf pups, I presume. Plus a couple of hearts and a turtle. The round pendant-heart that is red in a yellow circle plays into the scene for the first time. The pendant was a gift from Bob last Valentine’s Day, and had hung in my jewelry closet:

The left, "Girl" side of the dresser

Then the “guy” side of the dresser looked like this picture below. In this one, we have Bob with the merged version of Tëme and Duke, Bob’s stone, some dried flower sprigs, and a heart.

The right "Guy" side of the dresser: Bob and the male pups

My email about it to Bob: The changes on the dresser are fascinating. I can’t interpret really, except for the obvious parts, like you with Duke and Tëme, your stone with you and a heart. For the first time, the Valentine heart you gave me has been brought out into use. I will send you a picture, I took some last night. I don’t know what it all means. I had a dream last night about one of the wolf-pair pups. In a compound sort of like where homeless people or even a tribe would live inside a city, like the poor in Santa Fe or some place like that.

Now me just narrating: I do hope that Nuttah is not perturbed by our move. I know that she has been on this side of the house before, as there have often been changes in my office. So, we wait to see if she finds us or visits, or moves anything around over here. I don’t want to bring the characters over just yet, she seems to be doing interesting things with them over there. But I would like it if Bob could somehow convey the reason for our move.


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