Event #257: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On October 8th, we were having my Dad overnight, and he was going to be staying in the back bedroom. In advance of his visit, I cleared the dresser of all the cut-outs, and anything else that might raise a question. It certainly did cross my mind that something might happen while he was there. I had asked Bob to take over a comforter and fix up the bed for him, and I went up later to see if the room was in shape for my Dad as a guest. For the most part it was, but on the bed were the 2 Ma & Pa ducks from the top of the closet – the Pa on Bob’s side of the bed, and the Ma on mine. I placed them on the bedside table and went down to ask Bob if he’d put them on the bed. He hadn’t.

Then, the next morning after my Dad had spent the night in the room, something else happened. Sunday morning, he took a long time to get up. At almost 11:00, we were starting to get worried a bit, so I quietly crept over to that part of the house. I didn’t hear a thing. I took the liberty of knocking lightly at the bottom of the stairs to the bedroom, and he answered right away. He was already up. But he asked me to come upstairs and check something out; “something happened with a plant you have in the bathroom”. I couldn’t imagine what, so I climbed the stairs, and sure enough, a giant plant in a stand had crashed down onto the floor and broken apart, inexplicably. There was potting soil all over the floor. This was going to be quite a clean-up, but I tried to minimize that part of it. Dad, though, was not able to say what happened, I think just because he didn’t know. Was it Joe? I don’t think so. Did Dad bump into it? I don’t think so either, he would have said he knocked it over. So what was it? I still don’t know. I just cleaned everything up, and the plant survived. Dad did not report anything odd, with the exception of the plant that ended up on the floor. So I didn’t think much of it, until a couple of days later, I was getting some things out of the closet in the back bedroom. We’re slowly in the process of moving everything from back there to the front bedroom where we now reside. I took a load of things out of a closet and put my hand on something that was unfamiliar. It was a rabbit. The Oaxacan rabbit carving from atop the mirror cabinet was in the back of the closet behind all the pillowcases. Hmmmmm… had it been “hidden” there? And when? How long had it been missing?

The merged Tëme/Duke, and a heart in line with the pewter turtle

Here is the email I wrote Bob about it: “I was cleaning out a shelf in our old bathroom closet of some pillow cases, and found the rabbit behind them against the back wall of the closet – the one that had sat up on our mirror cabinet. Don’t know if I’d ever have found it if I hadn’t discovered those cases needed washing due to smelling like mold.”

Bob wrote back: “The rabbit thing is strange. Are you sure about it? Not something you accidentally moved?”

And me: “No, I don’t think  that I accidentally took the rabbit and hid it in the back of a closet behind a bunch of pillow cases! ;-}”

Then, on October 11th, there was a new arrangement on the dresser. (see picture to the left) All of the cut-outs had still been hidden in the drawer where I put them the day my Dad had been staying. But Tuesday morning, I came over to some of them sitting out on the dresser top. I wrote Bob an email about what I’d found:  “I’ll send the pic of the new arrangement separately. See if you can decipher for me, since my brain is sludge today.”

Bob replied with this: “My first thought and impression is “Dukey/Tëme love and miss their tribe.”

I think Bob is right, with the message. It seems obvious now that I look at it, but the message is really very simple:

“Dukey/Tëme love and miss their Turtle tribe.”


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